Utah Tattoo Studios

Welcome to the Official Historical list of Utah Tattoo Artists and Studios

    Originally the smarttattoo.com project was designed as an on-line Convention/Connection to
give all Utah Professionals a modern way to display their work to the world in one location.
    This web site is one the most modern methods to find/connect/present Professional Artists and
their work to the world. Much like the exposure Tattoo Convention provide, but without taking any
money out of the local market that does not come through the Tattooers themselves.

    But; Due to Politics of the Profession and the unethical Business Tactics of some local Business
people, the camaraderie of the local tattoo professionals has been deliberately and almost completely
destroyed. And this has made it almost impossible to identify most Utah tattooers as legitimate “Professionals”.

    Because it is almost impossible for smarttattoo.com to verify professionalism of tattooers with
incomplete names and unanswered inquires. At this time we can not indorse most of the Tattooers on
the Historical List as legitimate “Professional” . So SMARTTATTOO.COM is no longer trying to recruit
those tattooers to represent local Utah communities through this web site.

    We will only support those that ask for our service, and those that we can verify as legitimate
Tattooers working in legitimate Studios.

    One of the things we have learned during the past year, is that it is truly a Buyer beware situation
in Utah. There are so many tattooers, working under the table, that we can not verify at this time who is legitimate and who isn’t.

    Unfortunately, we are just not strong enough to get past the politics, and establish a good
enough connection with enough good Professional Tattooers to continue this project as we intended.
The local politics and business people with the unethical business tactics have won, and the tattoo
profession has lost another opportunity to regain our professional footing.

    During the past year, through our efforts to unite the Utah Professionals we discovered a new
trend of professionalism that is effecting the Tattoo Profession in a very, very, negative way. We didn’t
intend to discover this situation, the situation presented its self to us through our accumulation of
names of - professional and not so professional - tattooers working in Utah

    We have recognized that not all Tattooers that claim to be legitimate Professionals actually are.
But, we can’t tell who is who. In other words we can’t tell the difference between legitimate and Illegitimate Tattooers because of the politics between Shop owners and tattooers.
    For some reason that is (not) very clear, many Shop owners will not allow the tattooers that work
in their studios to list their personal names in the Historical List or advertise their personal service with
    Just the fact that we asked these unknown tattooers to support us and list their names,this has
caused many shop owners a lot of animosity towards us, and they have demanded we remove both their personal and shop name from the historical list. But removing their name(s) is impossible, they are Utah’s history by their own choosing. All we are doing is giving them a place to advertise their legitimate service.

    Even though the animosity that this project has created was not intended, the results are obvious
and very real.

    Utah Professionals will just have to believe me when I say that smarttattoo.com does not want to
expose illegitimate tattooers as much as we want to support true to the profession Tattooers. But, unfortunately I am the first to tell everyone in the profession they need to do their fair share of getting rid of the gypsies and con men that are disrespecting the Profession, and show a little more respect for the profession themselves.

    Some Illegitimate tattooers are known as “Scratchers” and used to be the Only scab in the industry.
Now, some scabs of the industry are now becoming know as Gypsies because they actually have
professional skills and travel from place to place. Gypsies travel for a verity of reasons, but the bottom
line is they harm legitimate professionals because they don’t play with the same business ethics and
expenses as legitimate Professionals.

    We understand that the Shop Owners that support these unprofessional tattooers don’t want to
rock their boat, and they don’t want to support the real Professionals because they would have to give
up some of their easy money. This is a conundrum that nobody expected to discover, but is certainly
effecting the real Professionals with very negative results, and will continue to effect us this way until
professionals with integrity and good business ethics comes back into fashion.

    SMARTTATTOO.COM still intends to help connect both local and traveling Enthusiasts to Professional
Tattooers In Utah. But we here to say;
    Buyer Beware! you must be careful when selecting a Tattooer. Not all are professionals, are

    Even though their names are on the Historical List we do not endorse any Tattooer whose name is
not Highlighted in the list. In other words, if the Tattooers Name is highlighted we indorse that Tattooer or that Studio as legitimate and recommend you do business with them if you feel they can provide the results you are looking for.

Buyer Beware. Please support the Art of Tattooing - Buy Professional- Buy Local

To have your Studio Name Linked to your web site

please call 801-467-8282.

Please Support the Art of Tattooing - Buy Professional - Buy Local

This information may not be accurate, and is only intended as a record of History

We Need your Studio Name, Owners Name, Email and Phone number' to HIGHLIGHT your name

   The OPEN section is our recommended selection of the very Best Tattoo Artist and Crafts-men Utah has to offer.
   Restricted Access(RA); The Owners of the Studios listed in the RESTRICTED area, have specifically requested that their studio(s) to be listed here. They have told us not to allow public access to any information that is not on their Business License. Therefore we have restricted their contact information.
   We would appreciate it very much if you contact them you tell them you seen their Name listed here and think it would be in their best interest to submit their name to be listed in the open contact area where their web address and links can be more easily accessed.
   Some of these Tattooers that work in the studios on the restricted list are very good and deserve to been seen. We donít agree with these studio owners, but they know what is best for their Shop and Colleagues, so we will ask you not to use any Information found here to contact these Studios or the Tattooers that work in them.
This information depends on the Studio operator or the individual artist to keep this information current.

USE - Artist/Studio Submissions to update information.
Currently Open
Studio Name
Postal Code
 OPEN AAA Loyalty Tattoo 801-773-1634 293s State St. Clearfield Ut 84016
 OPEN Attitude Tattoo 7930s State St. Midvale Ut 84047
 OPEN Lost Art #2 109 25th Street Ogden Utah 84401
 OPEN AAA Susie M's Gallery of Fine Tattooing 801 467 8282 1361 S. State Street 160 Salt Lake City UT 84115
 OPEN SLC Ink 1150s Main St. Salt Lake City Ut 84101
 OPEN Painted Temple 2435s Highland Dr. Sugarhouse Utah 84106
 OPEN T-Town Tattoo 96w Vine St. Tooele Ut 84074
 OPEN ONI Tattoo 325e 900s Salt Lake City Utah 84115
 OPEN Mutiny Ink 3 1594s State St. Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 OPEN Heart Of Gold Tattoo 853e 400s Salt Lake City UT 84111
 OPEN Heavy Duty Tattoo 3733 South 250 West 208 Ogden Ut 84405
 OPEN Body Fx 137e Lagoon St. Roosevelt Ut 84066
 OPEN Samoa Ink 1618s Main St. Salt Lake City Utah 84115
 OPEN Iron Clad 1576s State St. Salt Lake City Utah 84115
 OPEN Hardcore Tattoo 1626s State St. Salt Lake City Utah 84115
 OPEN Good Times 511West 200s 135 Salt Lake City Utah 84115
 OPEN Art City Tattoo 3925s State St. B Salt Lake City Ut 84107
 OPEN Crazy Lews 2006s 900e Sugarhouse Ut 84105
 OPEN Happy Valley 275e State Rd. American Fork Ut 84003
 OPEN Six Feet Below 75n Main St. Clearfield Ut 84015
 OPEN Frankie's Tattoos 360s 8th St. Suite E Clearfield Ut 84016
 OPEN Hand Candy Tattoo 70s Main St. Helper Ut 84526
 OPEN Retribution Tatu 1095n Main St. Layton Utah 84041
 OPEN Micah's Twisted Tattoo 45e Gentile St. 6 Layton Ut 84041
 OPEN Sailor Jim's 47 1/2n Main St. Logan Ut 84321
 OPEN Art On You 8971West 2700South Magna Utah 84044
 OPEN Skin Deep Utah #5 e 4800 s - 1 block west on State St. Murry UT 84070
 OPEN Vicious Ink 3901 Riverdale Rd. Ogden Utah 84405
 OPEN Unhinged Tattoo 3040 Washington Blvd. Ogden Ut 84401
 OPEN The Pharaoh's Horses 1742 Washington Blvd. Ogden Ut 84401
 OPEN Rebel Tattoo 3560 Riverdale Rd. Ogden Ut 84401
 OPEN Kaos Tattoo 2651 Washington Blvd. 15 Ogden Ut 84401
 OPEN Icon Tattoo 131 25th Street Ogden Ut 84401
 OPEN Tajavu Designs 135w Main St. Price Ut 84501
 OPEN Skin Ink Tattoo 19e Main Street Price UT 84501
 OPEN Diversity 11e Main St. Price Ut 84501
 OPEN AAA Vamp Body Art & Supplies 435-531-2159 35n 700e Saint George UT 84770
 OPEN Tattoos 4 U 695n Bluff St. A Saint George Ut 84770
 OPEN Rix Tattoo 433n Bluff Saint George Ut 84770
 OPEN Last Call Ink 344e Sunland Dr. Saint George UT 84790
 OPEN Garage Ink Tattoo 630n 3050w Saint George Ut 84790
 OPEN Zen Tattoo 294 West 4500 South Salt Lake City UT 84107
 OPEN Yellow Rose Tattoo 2030s 900e 2 Salt Lake City Ut 84770
 OPEN Tats On Wheels 1033 Richards Ave. Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 OPEN Southern Thunder 819e 2100s Salt Lake City Ut 84106
 OPEN Sergios Tattootlan 1860s Main St. Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 OPEN Rebirth Tattoo 319 West 600 South Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 OPEN Next Level Custom Tattoos 66 W 2100 S Salt Lake City UT 84115
 OPEN Lost Art #1 348s State St. Salt Lake City Utah 84111
 OPEN Heart Of Gold Tattoo 853e 400s Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 OPEN Deviant Tattoo 2346s Redwood Salt Lake City Ut 84119
 OPEN Cathedral Tattoo 249e 400s Salt Lake City Ut 84111
 OPEN Artistic Skin Illistration - aka- ASI 1136s State St. Salt Lake City Ut 84111
 OPEN Ace's 4090West 5415South 130 Salt Lake City Ut 84118
 OPEN A Way Of Life Tattoo 1792s State St. Salt Lake City Ut 84115
NI X Home Studio
NI Punctured Piercing &Tattoo 2459s Main St. 6 Bountiful Ut 84010
NI 1896 Electric Company 47 1/2n Main St. Logan Ut 84321
NI Westside Tattoo 90w Center St. Moab Ut 84532
NI R Wicked Ways 5280South 2700West Roy Ut 84067
NI 314 Tattoo 551n 1400e Saint George Ut 84770
NI Tattoos By Josh Paulson 1103s State St. Salt Lake City Ut 84111
 CLOSED Blue Eye Tattoo 318n 1400w Cedar City Ut 84721
 CLOSED Fusion Tatu Skin 1095n Main St. 8 Layton Ut 84041
 CLOSED Brox Graphics 2567n Hill Field Rd. 56 Layton Ut 84041
 CLOSED Something Sacred 7587s State St. Midvale Ut 84047
 CLOSED Bare Necessities 7648s Main St. Midvale Ut 84047
 CLOSED AAA Kelly Miller's - lower 25st Tattoo studio 109 25th Street Ogden Ut 84401
 CLOSED AAA Kelly Miller's - Lincolin Ave. Tattoo Studio 2498 Lincolin Ave. Ogden Ut
 CLOSED AAA Kelly Miller's - 25st Tattoo studio 325 e 25th Street Ogden Ut
 CLOSED Harry's 24 St. Tattoo Parlor 256 24th Street Ogden Ut
 CLOSED Deja Vu Tattoo 3651 Wall Ave. Ogden Ut 84401
 CLOSED Black Widow Tattoo 2324 Tyler Ave. Ogden Ut 84401
 CLOSED Point Ink 429 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Ut 84404
 CLOSED AAA Susie M's Tattooing - Ogden Riverdale Rd Ogden,Utah Ut
 CLOSED AAA Susie M's 25st Tattoo Parlor corner of Lincolin and 25 street Ogden,Utah Ut
 CLOSED Wing Ink 765e 100n 4 Payson Ut 84651
 CLOSED I Am My Own Tattoo Shop 236w Center St. Provo Ut 84601
 CLOSED Muddy's Salon 71n Main St. Roosevelt Ut 84066
 CLOSED Saints Ink 451n 1300e C Saint George Ut 84770
 CLOSED Underground Ink 294 West 4500 South Salt Lake City Ut 84107
 CLOSED D Not taking any new Clients, DO NOT DISTURB Do not call By my request, Please leave me alone Salt lake city Ut
 CLOSED Mutney Tattoo 2 7600 s State Street Salt Lake City Ut
 CLOSED Mutney Tattoo 1 200 w 400 s Salt Lake City Ut
 CLOSED Hottie Body Works 345e 4500s Salt Lake City Ut 84107
 CLOSED Good Times 145e 900s Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 CLOSED Flamas And Violet Tattoo 5556s State St. Salt Lake City U 84106
 CLOSED Eleventh St. Electric Tattoo 1994s 1100e Salt Lake City Ut 84115
 CLOSED Edison St. Tattoo 145e 900s 5 Salt Lake City 84115
 CLOSED Doc Holiday 4777s State St. Salt Lake City Ut 84107
 CLOSED Crazy Ace Tattooing ? salt lake city UT xx
 CLOSED Club Body Art 1544 Glen Arbor St. Salt Lake City Ut 84105
 CLOSED Cicatrix Tattoo 648South 200West Salt Lake City Ut 84101
 CLOSED CHOPPERS TATTOO 2700 s State Street Salt Lake City UT
 CLOSED Apperation Ink 1700s 380e Salt Lake City Ut 84106
 CLOSED Anthony Pagano Tattoo Salt Lake City Ut 84106
 CLOSED Blacky's Tattoo Parlor Tooele Ut
 CLOSED Blackie's Tattoo none Toole Ut 84047
 CLOSED Janell's Tattoo 479e Wendover Blvd. West Jordan Ut 84081
RA Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Layton Ut 84041
RA Death Or Glory2 Lehi Ut 84043
RA Boulevard Ink Ogden Ut 84401
RA High Octane Tattoo Orem Ut 84057
RA Forever Yours Orem Utah 84057
RA Convicted Ink Orem,Utah Utah 84057
RA Timeless Image Provo Utah 84601
RA Death Or Glory Provo Utah 84601
RA Big Deluxe #2 Salt Lake City Utah 84111
RA Big Deluxe #1 Salt Lake City Utah 84111
RA Anchor Ink Tattoo Salt Lake City Utah 84111