This Collection of Asian Tattoo Flash is some of the finest tattoo designs available. Brows the collection and you’re sure to see some beautiful designs that would look great tattooed on you. These designs can easily be altered in size, or redesigned to match your imagination and body placement.

It is not the intention of SM ART TATTOO COMPANY for this Reference to provide any Tattooer with a means to an end. In other words, it is not our intention for this flash to be copied exactly. Our intention is to help provide inspiration for the local talent to have an opportunity to do bigger and better work, and help the local Tattoo Collector have access to a large library of Flash designs, also meant to inspire them.

Internet access to this collection is intended to give the Tattoo Collectors and Enthusiasts access to a more elaborate Collection of “Tattoo Flash” than is on the walls of most Utah Studios. We also want to inspire, stimulate, and help serious tattooers become high end Professionals.

We need to raise the artistic standards of the Tattoo Profession, and we believe creating high end competition will help that happen.

It really does not matter if your a Tattooer or a Collector. We want this Flash Collection to inspire your next Tattoo, and help advance the skill level of all Professional Tattoo Artist and Craftsmen working in Utah.

If you’re a Collector, talk to your favorite Utah Tattoo Artist and describe what kind of design you would like, include all the details you can. Show them this reference and let them work up an original design influenced by your description and what they see here (or any where).

Proceed with being tattooed only when you’re satisfied that your Professional Tattooer understands your design, and they are qualified to do the job.

For an Artistic Referral, send inquiries to;

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