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  1. Kelly Miller says:

    Concerning the TLC Tattoo School Boycott – Boycotting this show or TLC will not solve the problem. A Fat Dude from Chicago ran a Tattoo School for many years. Complaining did nothing even though not many people respected him. I believe he is dead now.
    That school cannot hurt the profession more than the Gypsies and the Scratchers already do. The girl doing the (techun) doesn’t even know what the hole in a machine is called.
    If you’re a respectable shop owner, don’t hire the students. Make them start their own shop,. They won’t last long in this economy. As we all know, Tattooing is a Profession for the Unemployed and the Uneducated, so this school is a natural. Let the idiots teach the fools and mark themselves for everyone to see. If they say they got the tattoo on TV don’t fix it. Make um live with the disrespect they brought to the Profession.

    Boycotting the school is not a good way to spend your professional protecting effort.

    Boycott the Tattoo Convention Scene in your local area for a couple of years, and stop supporting the traveling Gypsies and the Con-man-vention Organizers. Now that will help the Profession get out of the Professional Recession we’re in.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that inforamtoin earlier!

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