Boycott of Convention Circuit

I Just talked with Mario Barth’s event Rep. He told me the cost of a one day admittance is still $45.00 a day, or $100 plus- for all three days. This is a RIP OFF DELUXE. DO NOT PAY THIS RIDICULOUS PRICE. This Event takes more than $835,000 dollars from the tattoo community before the Tattooers even have a chance to talk to the potential Clients. These events need to be stopped. Do the Tattoo Profession good and Boycott this event forever.

I was there 2 years ago when Mario went for the Geniuses World Record. Even though he claimed more that ten thousand attendees were in the room at one time, it never happened. Total bull shit.
But if it would have happened, Mario would have taken $450,000 dollars out of the tattoo for profession for entrance fees, and another $160,000 for booth space for a total of $610,000 dollars out of the Tattoo Profession in one day. Add the other 5 thousand entrance fees paid at $45,00 each for the other two days of the event and you can easily see that this event takes approximately $835,000 dollars that’s right, Eight Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars from the Tattoo profession and not one cent generated for the tattoo Profession.

There was never 10,000 attendees in the room at one time at any tattoo event in the USA. Marios statement about 10,000 people in the Room at one time was nothing but bull shit. And he never paid me for the Seminar I gave at that show. If you have plans to give a seminar at that show, good luck getting your money or anything else Mario tells you to expect. He never paid me for the attendees to my seminar.

Event though the The greatest show on earth was reported in TATTOO MAGAZINE that the 2010 event was bigger than the 2009 event, that was total bull shit too. Look for the actual Tattoo magazine issue at,

In 2010, The Greatest Show on Earth was only half the size it was the year earlier, which is a good sign that the call for this Boycott is working, and the serious Tattooers are, in fact, supporting this movement to slow down the flow of money going to these Promotion companies that are skimming the profits from the Tattoo Profession.

This financial loss for the Tattoo Profession is driving the Tattoo Profession into a permanent Profession wide Depression that will not change or get any better until these types of Tattoo skimming events are not supported by the true to the profession Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen.
Send Mario a message at and Boycott this event

Support your Local Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen
Buy Professional – Buy Local

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  1. Kelly Miller says:

    cj wrote to me with an ignorant comment about the Immersed in Ink event, that was in SLC in May, being a Gypsy attracting even, Here is my comment to him.

    Hey Cj.
    That show wasn’t much different from your event. It ripped off the local Cliental and disgraced the Tattoo Profession the same as your event did this past Feb. 2011.
    The difference between you and them, they were descent to talk with, and they have the sense to listen. They are coming back but with a totally different marketing plan. You are history, you just won’t accept it. You had better put a big, big bunch of money into your project if you think you’re going to top them.
    Isn’t it amazing how you can go for months and not think of someone, and then all of a sudden someone comes to mind only to have them somehow become present in your life? How did you know I was thinking about you? I don’t know why I was thinking about starting the Boycott Campaign for your next gypsy rip off, a little early.
    But now I know why.
    It’s because you are still ripping off the local tattoo market, mocking the art scene, and abusing the rest of the Tattoo Profession by bringing Gypsies into the area while making fun of being able to damage our local Market without consequences to you.
    See the Boycott Salt Lake Event blog at you are the star.)
    I think I will start the Boycott of your Con-man-vention and Traveling Gypsy Camp NOW, a little early.
    Good luck, If you don’t quit soon, You are going to lose your money, you are already a _____. You fill in the blank.
    One more thing Cej; Are you going to rip off the United Tattoo Artists Association Name again this year?
    Kelly Miller
    Attention Professional Colleagues,
    If you are a Professional Tattoo Artist that is planning on coming to SLC next year for CJ Starkey’s Flaco produced Tattoo Event in February 2012. I am asking you to stay away for a couple of years, or until we get the local market back in the control of the local Tattooers. This event is not doing any one but Starkey and his Band of Gypsies any good.
    Do us all good, and please stay away.
    Thank you,
    Kelly Miller
    This was my response to Mr. Starkey, I’m sure he will be sending me another nasty note soon.
    I only have one question for CJ, Starkey to answer in public, and I have asked him this before.

    What positive influence are you bringing to the Tattoo Profession with your SLC Event?

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