Six reason to Boycott Flaco Productions Con-ventions

The Promoter, Flaco Productions use,
1 – Unethical Business Ethics and Tactics to promote Gypsies, while undermining local professionals.
1-Slanders local professionals as a way to promote the event.
2-Violates Artists Copyrights to promote the event.
3-Controls participants through Coercion. (Demands loyalty)
4- Ostracizes local Professionals Artists, (Demands loyalty to participate.
5- Promotes the underground network of gypsy tattooers and Tattoo Hostels. (This pushes Tattooing under the Table, destroys local word of mouth advertising, and destroys the respect for Professionals).

2 – The owners of Flaco Productions – Have lied about the artistic support they have had for this event.
Both CJ Starkey – Owner of Flaco Productions, and Nate Drew – Owner of Lost Art Tattoo Studio, have knowingly violated many tattooers copyrights from their first Con-vention until now, by using uncredited/unauthorized photographs of Copyright protected Tattoo Art Work, for the promotion of their web site, their tattoo parlor, and this event.
They have violated Copyrights of 100s of Tattoo Artists every year they have been managing this event.

3 – The Flaco produced, Salt Lake Tattoo event is not really a professional level Tattoo Convention. It is actually a -Job Fair – for the 100-150 traveling Gypsies the promoter is bringing into town.
This event is only disguised as a professional level tattoo event, and is intentionally designed to lure local Enthusiasts and Collectors in for 3-6 hour, over priced tattoos.
This is a 3 day event is actually designed to lure Enthusiasts and Collectors into the fish bowl environment at the Flaco Productions- temporary tattoo parlor (convention floor). They set up this temporary tattoo parlor at the convention center so all the imported Gypsies can work all weekend, at inflated rates.
This Job Fair/con-vention also gives the free lance Photographers an opportunity to (steal) ‘TAKE- PICTURES” of the high quality art work, for free. (This photo shoot is actually worth more than $250,000.00. That the photogs and Magazine editors use free of charge while exploiting the unsuspecting Artists.)

This Flaco event is really designed to take as much profits (both money and pictures) as is possible, (from under the table and tax free), out of the local market in one big swoop.

The local tattoo market will loose $350,000 to $500, 000 CASH to these traveling Gypsies and this unethical promotion company in one weekend. And that does not include the lost opportunity and credit of those pilfered photographs may produce.

((((((((FOR EVERY ONES INFORMATION; Unethical Promoters, and the (underground) traveling gypsy tattooers all around the Country are actually devastating the local word of mouth advertising that generally keeps local markets healthy. When the “Word of Mouth Advertising” is talking about the local talent, the local market gets stimulated.
On the other hand, when we lose the word of mouth advertising to the out of town gypsies, the local tattoo market takes a big hit, and the popularity of tattooing in the local area declines.
After a enough time, of repeated hosting these “so called Professional level Events” that continually over whelms the local market, a professional recession sets into the local area, Utah, including Salt Lake City is experiencing that situation right now.
With 130 Con-vention now happening each year in the USA, the Tattoo Profession is deep into a profession wide recession. If we continue to except all of the Gypsies working under the table, and continue supporting these Job Fair/Con-ventions, the Tattoo Profession may slide into a real very serious depression period.
It is the unethical promotion of Conventions, Gypsies, and the ostracizing of local professionals by unethical business men that is destroying the tattoo profession on the local level. And only appears to stimulate the tattoo business on the professional level.

This loss of local word of mouth advertising creates an average 10-15% profit loss to each Individual professional artists. This combined loss may create as much as a $50,000.00 loss of “profits” to some legitimate Tattoo Studios.
It is these business profits that are normally spent on the non tattooer employees, and other cash flow that is used to grow new business. This is also the money used to patronize other local business’ through out the year, you know, buy shoes for the kids, donate to charity or take a vacation.
Every one in the community losses when these gypsies Job fair events like the Salt Lake Tattoo Con-vention are supported by local Enthusiasts, Collectors and Professional Tattoo Artists. ))))))

Seeing this example of how Flaco Productions – CJ Starkey and Nate Drew’s Promotion Company, Flaco Productions- Ostracizes Local Professionals, while they organize the event that rips – off the local market, is a perfectly good reason for local Professionals to call for this Boycott, and for local Enthusiasts and Collectors to also support this Boycott and stay away from this unworthy event.

4 – With more than 130 Tattoo Con-ventions happening each year, and after seeing some of the unethical business tactics of the organizers of the Salt Lake Con-vention, this is the best time there has ever been to stop the unethical conduct by the Professional Gypsies and Corporate Profit Mongers of the Tattoo Profession .
We can stop these con-men by putting a stop to the Salt Lake Tattoo Job Fair. Please support the Art of Tattooing and Boycott all local events during 2012. Support your local Tattooer.

5 – SLANDER and DEFAMATION – Any “Tattoo Event” that uses unethical business tactics, that is designed to Defame people in the name of (their) con-vention entertainment, and then uses that Slander and Defamation as a “Name of Recognition Award” presented as a means of professional disrespect is not a “Professional” event in any way.
These types of events do not deserve the support of any Professional Tattooer or serious Enthusiast or even the casual Collector.

6 – Flaco Productions Intentionally prevents the introduction of equipment and technology, at all their events, that promotes the advancements of Tattooing. Flaco Production limits the equipment manufacturers that can participate in the event, to only those that sell the same equipment the promoters use.
This is just another example that CJ Starkey and Nate Drew’s Flaco produced job fairs are not professional level events that are designed to promote the Art of Tattooing,. This event is nothing but a money maker for themselves and the gypsies that come in their pocket.

Check out the Bucket of Rocks Award. This is a good example of one of the unprofessional business tactics used by CJ Starkey and Nate Drew to ostracize, defame, and slander the people that oppose their business tactics.

Please Support Local Artists, not the corporate greed and unethical business tactics of the unethical, unscrupulous organizers of the Tattoo Con-vention and Job Fair circuit during 2012.

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