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Dear Colleagues,
I am Kelly Miller, 30 year Tattoo Artist, and Innovator and Inventor of modern Tattoo Equipment, and Manufacturer of – Original TATTOOLS.
During my Career, like so many other Tattooers have experienced, I wasn’t satisfied with the equipment that was available. I tried many machines manufactured by tattooers that said their machine was the best. Most machines ran well enough to tattoo with, but none were any easier to tune than the others, so I was stuck with what ever tune-up the manufacturer set when the machine(s) were made.
So, after so many years struggling to do the Shading and Lining Techniques that other tattooers were doing, that I was unable to do, I realized all I needed to do was to be able to tune My tattoo machine in many different ways. But, like I said, none of the machines I already owned were easy to retune.
So I set out to devise a tattoo machine frame that would allow me to retune the main spring tension and gap, at the same time I was able to set the point spring tension and gap, with the most precision adjustments I could figure out how to do.
After several frame design changes and several thousand dollars spent prototyping those frame changes, I discovered a way to put adjusting screws into the frame design, which made it possible for common electromagnetic tattoo machines to become completely adjustable in every mechanical way possible.
This set of screws and the frame design allows for the front and rear main springs to remain flat, without tension, and still allow the machine to run very soft while working great.
With these screws you can increase the spring tension, stroke gap, and point gap (separately or simultaneous) in very precise amounts.
Regardless of stroke length, this machine can be tuned to run too soft to tattoo with, and tuned to run too hard to tattoo with, without bending the springs.
This range of control and Adjustments makes this the most versatile and best machine every made.

With-in just a few tune-up procedures an operator is able to see the benefits of being able to easily retune the machine. Being able to easily and quickly retune the machine has made it possible to learn how to get the benefit from many different needle groupings, real easy and really quick.

Saving serious tattooers years and years of time normally spent figuring out how to tune an electromagnetic, fixed machine.
Being able to precisely tune their machines will give more time to tattooers to refine their artistic skills and tattooing talents to the best they can be.

The Beauty of the K-Model machine comes from the fact that It only takes 5-10 seconds to retune. And, As a matter of Fact, this machine can be tuned and retuned while the machine is actually running. Which is the only electromag machine on earth that can do this.
This makes it possible to see the actual stroke length, and set the spring tension to the (electrical) Power Setting the Operator wants to work with.
Being able to tune the machine to run from a predetermined (electrical) power setting makes it possible to tune more than one machine to run exactly like another machine.

Being able to quick and easily adjust the machine to a different stroke and spring tension setting makes it quick and easy to learn how different stroke lengths help or hinder the needles as they work in the skin. And this is something that a fixed spring machine operator has never been able to do.
Learning how different stroke lengths and spring tensions help needles work the skin, makes it possible to learn how to use larger needle groups that have never been successfully used with common fixed spring machines.

Using large (Superflat) needle groups has made it possible to Tattoo faster, without moving the hand faster. This has made it possible to develop needle groups that have multiple use. Superflat needles work the skin a little differently than magnum needles do, and makes a few technical effects possible that is not available to the Tattooer when magnum needles are used.

Our 75 Superflat needle groups are five layers thick, and fifteen needles wide, which covers a lot of ground with solid shading quickly. And also makes soft smooth (transparent) shading easy.
Turning the 75sf on the side gives the operator a 5 needle wide shader for a tight detail flat shader. When turned on their side, Superflat needle groups can also be used as a “Fatline” liner.

All Superflat needle groups, 24, 33, 44, 45, 60, and 75 superflat needle groups have the same benefits as described for the 75 sf, they’re just not as big. Superflat needles work the skin very much like Magnums needles do, just much faster. (There are few more benefits, too many to mention them all).
The main benefit for using Superflat needles is the ability to quickly add color and detail in larger tattoos, that small needle groups like 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 magnums will not easily do.

(((( FYI; Our 24 needle Superflat, has the same foot print as a 9 magnum does.
Our 33 needle Superflat has the same foot print as a 11 magnum.
These (24-33) Superflat needles can be used in all standard tubes and tips.

Our 44, 45, 60, and 75 Superflat needles need our dedicated tips. We are the only manufacturer of Superflat Tube, Tips and Needles ))))

Superflat Needles allows the Artist to take advantage of their artistic imagination a little more spontaneously, and helps complete the artistic thought a little quicker. Making it possible to apply new ideas, spontaneously on the fly, more like a painter does.

Of all the improvements that have been made to this line of state of the art Tattools, Superflat Needles is the only tool that will actually compliment the tattooers artistic skills and imagination. They do this by giving the artists the ability to increase their artistic out-put. Superflat needles help the artists apply, and complete, their artistic thoughts faster than magnum needles can.

Because Superflat Needles are 3-4 times more dense in total number of needles than magnum needle groups are that have the same foot print, the total number of passes Superflat needles need to make over an area to apply the desired effects is greatly reduced.
This reduces the trauma to the skin, which makes it possible to layer one color on top of another in various amounts, (think Transparency), without the pain and skin damage magnum needles cause.

Before Machine Tuning became easy and Superflat technology was invented, and the artistic talent of modern tattooers became good enough to understand the value of transparent shading, the artistic ability to use Transparent Layering of Color in a tattoo like an oil painter does, has never been practical or even possible for most Tattooers.
This technique of blending colors, by the layering of those colors under the skin, is just now becoming possible and easy enough to do that transparent shading is now becoming a practical technique.
I predict, professional Tattooing is about to make a tremendous artistic advancement, and transparent techniques will become common.
Reducing Needle Wear.
The benefits of our needle bending technique works on all common tattoo needle groups. Including Rounds, Flats, Magnums and our Superflat Needle groups. Bending the needle like we do reduces, and even prevents premature needle wear at the tip of the needles. Bending the needle in this fashion eliminates 95% of the wear, and moves to other 3% to an area away from the needle tips, thus extending the needle life. 1-2% needle wear is unavoidable, but a solution to that problem is found in the Technical Catalog.
Keeping the needles sharp, makes applying the tattoo less painful with less skin damage. This helps the tattoo heal quicker with brighter colors, blacker blacks, finer lines and smoother shading.

K-Model Tubes and Tip are designed to accommodate our needle bending Technology, they are the most efficiently designed Tube tips on the market. They are designed to reduce the wear on the needle tips, improve ink flow, reduced friction, for the softest shading techniques possible. They are easy to hold, easy on the pocket book because they are designed to be made from two different types of plastic.
One plastic is designed for multiple use, maybe as much as 18 sterilizing cycles, and the other plastic is for single use, and disposed after each use.
There are many details about these Tattools not totally described here. But once these tattools are understood, they will help advance the next generation Tattooers into the next stage and style of tattoo work that is just now becoming popular.

Read the Techniques Page in the Tattools Catalog for more information

This is a great opportunity to Own, “Our Professions Best Tattools”

1361 s State Street, Salt Lake City, UT. 84114 ph – 801 – 467- 8282 .

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