Letter to; Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb,

Dear Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb,
You Guys are getting more arrangant every Con-vention.

I recently read a blog from Big Gus, http://tattooartistmagazineblog.com/2011/10/11/big-gus-off-the-map-at-the-paradise-tattoo-gathering-tattoo-artist-magazine-blog/#more-6433
he was proud to have been invited to attend a seminar at Paradise Tattoo Gathering.

Gus said “I headed down to do the opening discussion panel with some great guys, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb. It was based on ‘What It Takes’ to be an artist at our level. Hmmm… Our level? I just love to draw all the time! But the panel turned out great.”

My words; I don’t want to be the party pooper, but I am already Hated Worldwide (ask Henky Panky about that), but I am tired of the “Best Tattooers in the World” being so arrogant and out right disrespectful to the other Professional Colleagues.

I am going to set You Guys straight right here and now.
You guys are not the best at anything you are doing, good, but not the best. Look at your work, some of it is over black or over deatailed and incomplete.
There are plenty of other Tattoo Artists out there doing just as good, sometimes better work than you, they just don’t brag so much, and they stay home working on their local Clients rather than going town to town working at Gypsy Rates on poor people that can’t afford to come to you. For you guys to start a piece to big to finish, and then walk away bragging about it, is not only totally disrepectfull to your Client, but also to Professional Standards.

Let me tell you what you gypsies are really doing. You are setting a very poor example for the want-a-bee tattooers, you make it very easy for the scratchers, street shop tattooers and other Gypsies to follow your talent and skills by going from place to place doing 6-8 hour portraits and 20 hour chest pieces.
20 hours on a Chest piece is a good start, but not a good finish. If you can start and finish a chest piece in twenty hours, your artistic stands need to be raised. A 20 hour chest piece that is done on a guy that lives 3000 miles away from the tattooers shop is despicable, and should not be done on such a casual basis. Know your limits and what is good for everyone, not just yourself.

This type of example of your work skills is not a good example of high end skills of the highly skilled Tattooers. It is an example of mid level skills of good tattooers, designed to impress the lower skilled craftsmen. More and more (gypsy) Tattooers like your self, are able to do 20 hour tattoos. The standards of a well done tattoo is not very high, and dropping more every year.

You guys are the Leaders of low skilled tattooers, scratchers and traveling Gypsies. Thanks to you guys, nowadays, everyone setting at the kitchen table can do a good 6-8 hour portrait Tattoo. You have taught them well.
Now go home and do some truly impressive tattooing, then support a convention by showing your already completed work, not you tattooing skills. We already know you’re good.

The challenge I am making you Guys, is to see if you can stay home, or, in one place long enough to do a large Tattoo, working on it until it is actually finished to your -real- skill level. Then bring the piece to the Best Convention designed to promote tattoos, (not tattooing), and show off your already completed piece.

Support Professional Tattooing – Buy Professional – Buy Local

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