Tattoo Gypsies – Draining the Blood out of the Tattoo Profession

Modern day Vampires are draining the life out of the Tattoo profession. Hundreds of blood money hungry Gypsies are going to converge on a town (maybe your town), and drain the life from your clients and friends through the Blood Money they make/take at these TATTOO JOB FAIR events that are being clocked in the name of Professional Tattoo Conventions.

These Conventioneers design their BLOOD for MONEY Event so the maximum damage is done to the local market. In other words the con-ventions are designed so the Gypsies and Con men make/take the most money possible from the area, with no regard to the financial, opportunity and advertising loss to the local Professionals.

Gypsies have never shown concern for the welfare of local people, it is their greed and disrespectful attitude that makes a gypsy a gypsy. Always has been always will be, Gypsies are Gypsies. If that comment makes you mad, you are probably one of them.

I have talked with a hell of a lot of Convention Organizers and they all have the same response. None show any respect for the Local Professionals. Ya, they sound respectful to the tattooers when they are talking to YOUR face about booth space, but when I talk to them about the same thing, they have an entirely different response.

Believe me, most Conmenvention Organizers have very little respect for the local Professional Tattooers or the local Enthusiasts. Their interest is in the money. These Con men are only interested in taking over yours, mine, and every one elses business opportunities that we spend the rest of the year nurturing.
Almost every Convention organizer I have talked with makes a mockery about the situation and then moves right into an new city and over whelms the most vulnerable markets.

I can name a Hundred examples, but The Salt Lake Tattoo Convention Organized by Cj Starkey, Flaco Productions, is a perfect example of the convention organizers that have Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Already Invested in taking money out of the your local areas and ruining the advertisement opportunities for local Tattooers where these Job Fairs for Gypsies are scheduled to be.
Starkey, for example will devalue your art work by using unauthorized art work for the promotion of his Salt Lake City event.Go to and see for yourself. The Flaco Produced Salt Lake Tattoo Con-vention has been stealing copyrights from artist since the beginning of their event. Even when asked to remove the unauthorized photographs, CJ Starkey refuses to recognize the artists personal property.

Each event will take out of the local tattoo market approximately $350-500.000 dollars, that’s a half a million dollars taken out of the legitimate market, that will not trickle down to the local Professional. All this money will leave town in the pockets of the Gypsies and Con-men. And that does not even include the value of the copyright infringements that happen at unscrupulous events.

If you’re an Enthusiast of Professional Tattooing and believe the convention circuit has over whelmed the market, you can help reduce maybe even eliminate the problem of the Gypsies and Con-men running the tattoo Profession and over whelming your local market by Joining a professional Association. There are several Professional association worthy of supporting, join them as soon as possible.
Support a – NOT FOR PROFIT – PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ASSOCIATION and help reestablish the Camaraderie and dignity that belongs to Professional Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen.
Support only those Tattoo Conventions that are Sponsored by a – not for profit, unbiased – Professional Associations.

Boycotting the Tattoo Con-men-vention Circuit for a couple of years is the next best thing you can do to help the tattoo Artist and Craftsmen regain control of our selves and OUR PROFESSION.

FYI; There are three basic types of conventions;
1 -Small local events put together by the local Tattooers. These localized events are the best for the area and the over all profession. These types of events draws people from out side the area to come into an area where they may not come too otherwise or often. This stimulates the local Market and most of the money, and advertisement and the experience generated stays local.
All of the tattoo work being done at these events, become the walking advertisements necessary for the local tattooers to build their reputations.
These types of Tattoo events can be very good for the local tattooers and the over all profession. These types of events contribute to healthy competition between local tattooers and keeps the Scratchers and Gypsies to a minimum.
Everything is good.

2 -The other type of Tattoo event that can be good for everyone, is something like the event the National Tattoo Association puts on. See Don’t get me wrong. I do not advocate for a “FAMILY” type association convention. I am advocating a Professional environment where Professional Camaraderie actually happens.
When the event is a not for profit and is advertised amongst professionals that are encouraged to bring several companions to the event to show off the tattoo work they have done through out the year, the money comes into the local area where the event is held and the local enthusiasts that get tattooed are diluted by all the outsiders that also get tattooed at these types of events. When the event is over, the local enthusiasts are stimulated and the local market thrives.
Everyone remains friends and the profession grows when the event is in another town the next time. When there are only two or three events per year the profession grows and the art work is impressive. And everyone travels to the show to see the artwork. The Gypsies are not the only people to benefit.

3 – The negative type of Private party JOB FAIR type of convention brings into the area a couple of hundred out of state Skilled semi-skilled tattooers. The Con-organizers then advertises to the local Enthusiasts and everyone else, that only the best Tattooers in the world are going to be there, and the best local Tattooers are usually blocked from participating.
This type of unscrupulous advertising sends a message to the local enthusiasts that the local tattoo talent is not as good as the out of town tattooers, when that is not necessarily true.
This type of hype from the Promoters divides the local professionals. This type of manipulation of the tattoo profession is an unfair business tactic used by con-men to control the Gypsies and overwhelm the local market and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for their pocket.

This tactic of overwhelming of the local talent creates an unfair business environment for the local Professionals and ruins the relationship the local tattooers have worked hard to build with the local Enthusiasts and other Professionals.

This type of Con-vention circuit is destroying the reputation of hundreds of tattooers every year that have spent their entire life Tattooing in their home towns and keeps the rest of the profession in a perpetual financial recession.

The Gypsies that are being encouraged to participate in these conmanvention probably do not understand the harm to the local economy, but then maybe they do, maybe they just don’t care. Either way these types of events leave turmoil and grief and never give back to the local environment What they take out.
If you’re a Gypsy that doesn’t understand the harm you are causing, well, understand you’re causing harm to the entire tattoo profession and stop supporting these types of events. If you need more help understanding the issues, please call me direct, I’ll be happy to talk with you.

These For Profit Tattoo related Events are actually JOB FAIRS that are designed to look like Professional Tattoo Conventions. They are not good for the Tattoo Profession and should be stopped as soon as possible. DO NOT SUPPORT ANY FOR PROFIT EVENTS.

Something is going to change for the better sooner or later. I am trying to help it happen sooner than later. I am asking you to help, me help you, help the Tattoo Profession move in a new and better direction.

Gypsies are to the Tattoo Profession, what Scratchers are to the Local Markets.
Gypsies are the new experienced Scratchers that travel from town to town working both sides of the street. They work your town over, then they go home and work their town over.

Join a Professional Tattoo Association
Support Local Tattooer Artists and Craftsmen.
Buy Professional – Buy Local

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