Local Gypsies – Are they in your Hood?

This is the next step in our business plan that is going to promote your Professional Studio and the Artists and Craftsmen that work there. If you are a Utah Tattooer or Tattoo Studio Operator in Utah, you should read this blog and send us your information.

Dear Colleagues.

As we move into the next stage of building this Web site and this Historical List of Professional Tattooers that are currently working in Utah, we are beginning to cut the fat and trim the heard.
After spending the past 2 months and countless hours on the phone trying to verify that those names listed are, in fact, professional Tattooers. We are beginning to separate the verifiable Professional Tattooers Names from the none professional people, and moving those names of people that have requested to be moved from the active Tattoo Artist list to be included with those that are not interested in being recognized as a Professional, or are just simply unknown, but whose names are active on some public record.

Don’t make any mistake here. Even though we are making these two separate lists, only the professional list will eventually be available to the general public. With-in 30 days from today the UNKNOWN category will become accessible only through a Registered Access. Your name will still be available for historical reference. You, just won’t be available to the general publics immediate and unregistered access.

This Site, SMARTTATTOO.COM is intended for the improvement of the over all tattoo profession and the instant benefit of all the Tattooers and Studios that are supporting our effort to improve the local camaraderie of (all) local area Tattooers.

The Tattooers that support this site are through having unscrupulous local operators influence the Local tattoo market (like it has been for several years), without having an equal opportunity for the local Enthusiasts and unbiased Professionals to voice their Professional opinion and support for the local Artists and Craftsmen.

With or without the naysayers and nudggrudgers, We are raising the local Professional Standards. If you are not with us, you can go it alone. The main objectives of this site is to help the serious guy get bigger and better, or help the scratchers and gypsies go away naturally.

Through higher quality expectations and peer pressure we can raise the local professional standards beyond the skill levels of the Scratchers and the low quality parlors. The more, experienced professionals participate, the faster the improvements will happen. And that is why we are asking you to become involved and support this site. Everyone is treated equal, you get to advance on you own merits. If you’re a real professional, you can’t lose.

Teaching the General Public about the dangers of being tattooed by unregistered (gypsies) tattooers, or by any of the Tattooers that we have not been able to completely identify on our list,is essential to rid the local area of the scratchers and gypsies that are afraid to publish their real or full name on this web site

It is not in our Clients best personal interest, or in the publics best interest, or for the good of professional Tattooing to not identify yourself if you are a Professional Tattooer. Not knowing who these Gypsies and scratchers are is more detrimental to our profession than any other situation. Knowing your professional level Colleagues is far more important and beneficial than you might think.

Someone has to teach the Enthusiasts, the Collectors and Potential Clients this information.

And after seeing so many so called professionals who seems to be afraid to reveal their full name, it has becoming more and more obvious that it is becoming more and more necessary to protect our profession and our local Colleagues.
It must be time to reveal to the general public that there is in fact gypsies amongst us, and make it unexpectable for Gypsies to work without the general public knowing who they are.

If you are a shop owner, It is no longer in your best interest, nor the best interest of Professional Tattooing to not reveal who is actually tattooing in your Studio. This information is public record and should be available upon request. Any Studio that will not reveal who works there will not be supported by this Site. Nor will any Tattooer, that will not state their real name, be allowed to participate.

This is a Professional Site dedicated to the advancement of Professional Tattooing.
I have heard people say this site is for Amateurs. I say, put your Name where your mouth is and openly support this site and become Friends with your Colleagues.

Otherwise, hide and watch what happens to the people that do believe in the
Good of the Local Talent. Eventually the good will win.

Support the Art of Tattooing – Buy Professional – Buy Local

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