Hypocrites of the Tattoo Profession

Just like most Professionals, I too have been watching the Tattoo School dilemma unravel. I find the reasons most Tattooers don’t like this show as a sign of those peoples insecurities and lack of experience and wisdom about the profession they think they are protecting.

Watch this story unfold and you’ll see History is repeating its self.

Ever heard of Fat Joe, out of Chicago? I think he is dead now; Sorry Joe if you’re not. But Joe ran a tattoo School for many years. He never had great success and I don’t think he ever produced a Master Tattooer, but he didn’t hurt the Profession ether.At first the good old boys bitched about Joe but eventually everyone left him alone, No One ever protested at his place.
During that time “The Tattoo Click” was to strong to let Joe have much success, but Joe kept on trying to do what he thought would help the profession get out of the doldrums that we were in, and he did what he could do to help the rest of the profession grow up and break free of the grip the Good Old Boy network. It didn’t work, we are still in the grip of the Click.

All of the REAL Professionals just ignored what was happening and let both Joe, and
” The Click”, do their thing. We couldn’t stop ether of them anyway, so the rest of us just ignored what, in reality, has been going on for all time. That is, trying to learn how to tattoo.

When I refer to Real Professionals I am referring to those Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen that know where they stand, they know what heir skills are and are not afraid to be part of the rest of the world with what skills and knowledge they currently have.

When I refer to the “Tattoo Click” I am referring to those people that believe, amongst other things, that Tattools and Equipment are not to be sold to anyone not already a “professional”. They’re generally hypocrites that believe anyone that sells equipment is bad, unless that is where they buy their tattools from.
The Tattoo Click members also believe, knowledge and wisdom should not be passed around at conventions and seminars or on TV.

But let me tell you; The people that believe that we can keep tattooing in the bottle are absolute fools, they don’t even know what has been going all around them. Open your eyes, you have been supporting these learning progams for a long time. There has been 3-4 full time “How to Tattoo” Programs happening weekly for 4-5 years now.
See; Miami Ink http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/miami-ink
LA Ink http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/la-ink/about-la-ink.htm
NY Ink http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/ny-ink

Do you people really think Boycotting a TV show will stop the Scratchers and the Gypsies from tattooing your Clients? HELL NO it won’t.

Generally speaking, this Tattoo Click is too large to mention all their faults and hypocrisies,

But one thing is absolute; Every Tattooer in the world knows someone that belongs to it.

Professional Tattooing has always been a Profession for the Uneducated and the Unemployed.
When can add to that claim that we are also the Profession of Hypocrites.
We don’t share information
We condemn those that do.
We won’t except advancements
We design our art work to be copied, then scream about the scratchers becoming street shop tattooers.
We scream about Amateur Scratchers, and then become Professional Gypsies.
We scream about TV programs, and hold a 2 con-man-ventions every week somewhere in the USA.

We seem to be a bunch of dum asses that don’t have a real sence of existance.

You do what ever you want, but don’t teach me a fucking thing.

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