To National Tattoo Association Members

Good Morning Flo,
I didn’t know where to send this so I sent it to you in both places. Sorry for any confusion.

I just received my NTA Membership Certificate, thank you for allowing me to be a Member.
(See and become an NTA Member if you are not already. We need your support)

I am, as a matter of fact so proud of my NTA Membership that I am asking you to recognize the actual period of time that I have been a Member, to be from the time I first paid Dues.

Even though, out of Protest of the things that were happening at the time, I stopped paying dues for a short period of time during the 90’s, I would still appreciate being recognized as being a full fledged Member during that time.
Since my first introduction to the NTA in 1980 through “Fat Harry” Jerolamen, and then Sponsored for Membership by “Just Plain Old Bud Person” My heart has always been with this Association.
All my actions that have been associated with the NTA have been directed at, not only improving the profession and contributing to the advancement of Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen, but also to the advancement of National Tattoo Association itself.

I know and understand that you and I have a difference of opinions concerning many aspects that hinder and help the advancement of the Tattoo Profession and the Advancement of the National Tattoo Assoc.
After all these years, I now believe that, not only inspite of, but, because of the difference of our opinions, you and I and the other elected leaders would make a good team that could contribute more today, towards the advancement of the NTA than was ever possible before.

There are a three reasons for this letter;
1 – The first and most important is to let you know that I am interested in any Leadership position that you think I can help with. I will swear to your allegiance and will not reveal the differences we have had in the past, and will focus on promoting the existing NTA agenda.

2 – Booth Space. I would like to bring a couple of Tattooers that work with me to Cincinnati, and introduce them to the excitement and pressure of tattooing on the floor at a NTA Convention. If there is a booth space available Please accept this request and let us know the actual cost.
I will be bringing many Clients and assistants with us if we are allowed to participate, we will definitely contribute to the success of the convention, and we will also show support and respect for the local Tattooers.

3 – Seminar Time. I would like to give a Seminar in Cincinnati on the two different styles of conventions that are happening around the country, we will discuss the benefits and differences of those Conventions. I have studied the effects that Tattoo Conventions have had on the over all Profession and how they effect Professional Camaraderie. This subject is very much in need of discussion.
Event though I have disagreed in the past with some of the agenda and methods of the NTA, I have always supported and believed the NTA is the Best Association the Profession has to offer, and proud to be a Member.
There are 2 different methods of hosting a tattoo convention. The way the NTA Convention effects the local tattoo market is not as harmful to the local Professionals as is the harm being done by other tattoo event Promoters. I am ready to defend the NTA methods, and expect to have a large turn out if you let me have this Seminar time.
I actually think that if I am allowed to have this seminar time, the attendance at future convention will increase, and the Tattooers and Enthusiasts will know how to take advantage of the convention circuit without causing harm to the local market where conventions are held, or the rest of the Profession.

I can show how some other conventions and tattoo related events have become a money machine for the unethical Promoters, and how the National Tattoo Assoc., as an Association of Professionals, really does have the Professions best interest in mind. I can also show how We can redirect our efforts and regain control of our Profession through setting an example of how a Professional Tattoo Convention can actually help improve local Markets rather than leaving a wake of turmoil and disgust for the convention circuit when the convention is over, and the Gypsies are gone.

I have Started the profession wide Campaign;
Support your Local Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen
Buy Professional – Buy Local

And hope you will support this movement.

Over the years I have learned a lot, I don’t feel the same as I felt about the NTA in the past. This Seminar will be a positive discussion on the many benefits of – How the NTA Association has promoted and protected the Profession, and How we can now expand and focus on the strong points of the National Tattoo Association. I believe if the Professional Tattooer does not hear this message we will continue to slide deeper and deeper into a Professional Recession.

According to Statsaholic – Between 2003 and 2009, we (the tattoo profession) lost the interest of 50% of all 18-25 year old Collectors.

I actually believe, if we do nothing about the harm the convention circuit is causing the Local markets where the average Tattoo Events are held, (there is 135 conventions scheduled for this year), we will experience a very long and drawn out Profession wide Recession that has the potential to ruin many local markets and turn more and more Tattooers into traveling Gypsies.
We will not survive as a viable Profession if we do not recognize this dilemma.

Gypsies Tattooers are to the Profession, what Scratchers are to the Local Markets.
Gypsies take more than 10-15% of the local markets annual PROFIT margin,
for every convention held.
Scratchers never take this much of the local profit from the local Professionals.
Gypsies are the Cancer that commercial Flash created.

I am willing the help the National Tattoo Association and the rest of the Profession put the brakes on the convention circuit and promote the NTA like never before. Please let me participate, I promise I’ll do the NTA and the Profession good.
Sincerely, and Still Drawing, one breath at a time.
Kelly Miller

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