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During the same period that I spent talking to those good people that support this web site, I spent a great amount of time talking to some very difficult people that really do not want us to establish this web site. Trying to reason with the people that are afraid of their competition, (or have been unduly influenced by the good old boy net work that has crippled the profession for more than 40 years), is very very difficult. No mater what was said, the nudgegruders refuse to agree, or understand.

Unfortunately for these shop owners and a couple of Tattooers, this web site will probably not help them very much. They will probably feel like we are picking on them, which is absolutely not the situation.
What we are going to do, is promote the Local Utah Tattoo Artists, Craftsmen, and Studios that are striving to improve the local environment as much as they are trying to improve themselves.

If you are not contributing to the success of the local market as much as you are taking from the market, then you will probably feel this site is not good for you.
Sorry if you feel that way, but the Tattoo profession has too many tattooers and studios that are not supporting the profession as much as they are taking from it.
As a matter of fact, some of the tattooers and shop owners I have talked with are actually trying to stifle the local artistic growth, while they support the growth of the Gypsy circuit that wreaks havoc on local markets here and everywhere, (and getting worse every year).

This site will help trim the deadbeats from the local market.

Some of the most important reasons we have established this site is to introduce all of the working tattooers in Utah to each other
and make it possible to show and see some of the great work being done through out Utah.
Also to introduce The Tattooers to the many Studios that may need other Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen to fill available positions at a different Studio.

We feel, being able to easily find another studio to work in, and meeting other Tattooers without the intimidation of the shop environment will open the doors of communication, and help break the back and ability of unethical Studio owner/operators to manipulate the local Professionals into working conditions that are not good for the positive growth of serious tattooers or the profession.

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