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As the Proprietor of this Blog #9, I would like to introduce my self. Some of you already know of me, but not many of you really know me. I am Kelly Miller.

I have helped many people become Tattooers, and currently operate the first, “Equal opportunity” supply company to openly support all levels of experience. To support Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen everywhere, all the time, has always been my interest.  Unfortunately, it has become necessary to stage an all out confrontation with those that I fill oppose those interests.

Unethical Convention Organizers are the people that I believe are currently doing the most harm to the Tattoo Profession, and are the business people responsible for driving our profession into the professional recession we are in. Unethical Editors are the other most dangerous people to our profession and way of life. Gypsies are also a major concern for our well being.

Gypsies are to the Profession, what Scratchers are the local Market.

I have alway argued for less Government Regulations and more Professional Regulations that take care of our self. A strong Professional Association is to only way that can happen. Unfortunately not many people seem to take the threat of over regulations very serious. I say just look at the past, and look where Cities (most recently, Draper) are regulating tattooers to work. When you actually look, you can easily see how easy it is to regulate a completely free occupation out of business. And, Restrict your right to free speech, er, to speak freely where you want to!

Low license fees, and the right to free travel to practice tattooing has also been highly respected in my eyes. Respect for Copyrights and the Media has also been a constant interest of the mine.

I know I have a lot to explain, hopefully I can gain some open support for the Promotion of our local Market and get an opportunity to get to know you as a Tattoo Artist or Craftsman or as an Enthusiasts or Collector.

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2 Responses to Supporting Local Tattooers

  1. Kelly Miller says:

    To all of My Professional Colleagues in Utah that is interested in The Historical List of Tattooers and Studio’s we are compiling. One of the respectable Studios sent me a demand that I remove their Business Name and the names of all the Tattooers that work there, from this Historical list. I can not change History, and I believe the law is on my side, so here is my response.

    To the Artists, Craftsmen and Studio Owners, doing business in Utah,
    and more specifically, The irate Studio Owner that called me the other day,

    So Sorry I have offended you guys, I certainly didn’t intend to get the response I received.
    I am not being sarcastic here, but did anyone actually read through the site to see what is actually happening?
    If you read what I’m saying with an open mind, you will see that your Name Is BIGGER now than it has ever been. with you name listed is at the top of the search page, where is your page. On Facebook?
    And you didn’t need to invest a dime.

    You mention that I didn’t talk with you first, sorry. This is a big project and there are many other people that I didn’t talk to -first- ether.
    If I would have told you what I was doing you would not have understood the benefits any better than you do right now.
    You would have said no way, and you would have had a lot of animosity and worry for the last year, (over nothing). It has taken almost a year to make this site happen.
    You would have been sweating the whole time, and like I said, for nothing.

    Go to to find your Studio name and see if you still feel the same. I haven’t had time for the Artist update, and I need more information. So tell your Staff to forget the grief and contribute to support this project. You can always change you mind later about participating, nobody is going to break your leg to make you stay involved.
    But you can’t change the fact that you are a part of History in Utah. Don’t you think you should make the best of it?

    Now you can see the place and value that your Name plays in History. Your Business information is public property and I can compile a list of Tattoo Artists for My personal use, or for Historical reference, or for what ever I chose. I can publish it how ever I prefer, I am not harming you in any way, by publishing this list without your permission. It is already Published every time you open for business. It is already public information. Save your Attorney Fees Aaron and Friends. Send me your Information and a few bucks, invest in this web site and help us grow the local area (your Studio’s included) into a tattoo mecca, that everyone knows is a great place to be tattooed.
    With enough help from tattooers like you, we could have a Tattoo Convention that benefited the Local tattooers more than the out of town Gypsies that have been skimming our cream for the past 8 years.
    You do want to eat some of that cream again don’t you? Help us out, we doing every thing we can to help you.

    I don’t have to have your permission to have or use your name and business information on this historical list. It just so happens, I am trying to include you in the benefits.

    And This just so happens to be the first time I have had a chance to talk with any of the Staff at your Studio.
    Now that you have brought your interest in this project to my attention, I jumped ahead of the other People on the list and moved your name and information into the area where it would have eventually been put any way.
    I added the AAA rating to your name column so you can see what you can have if you help us out. If you don’t want to help advertise with us, that is completely fine. the link connection will someday be disconnected without notice. But the information will remain as long as you don’t demand we move it.

    But other wise we will intend to keep your name and business information listed. If you object, we will be just as happy to move your name to the appropriate section where it will still be part of history, just not so noticeable.

    For your convenience we can remove your Phone number with a verbal request. But for any other changes to the public information we have, we require a written request. A written request must include all correct business information that applies to the changes requested.
    Please use the Submission page for your convenience and allow 48 hours for changes to be in place. You may also hard-mail your information. Call for the correct mailing address.

    This site is dedicated to the advancement of the art of Tattooing and the Camaraderie of the Tattoo Artists in Utah. It is not necessarily for the benefit of the Tattoo Studio Owner, but, as a Studio Owner you are welcome to take advantage of it for the benefit of your Staff and your Studio. A friendly reminder Aaron, you cannot dictate who I do business with, your staff or not. And you cannot dictate who your Staff does Business with, even if they do business with me.
    Please relax and let business mature. By viewing this site You will be able to see the competition and maybe entice a better Tattooer to come to your store, and the Tattooers that already work with you will be able to see where their Talents might fit better in a different environment and a place to grow. Don’t be afraid, knowing Who is Who in Utah will be better for every one.

    We have many other options that are not mentioned on the Promotion Packages listed on the home page. For more information Please call me direct or one of the Consultants listed on the Promotion introduction page.

    We can remain Friends if you would like, other wise, do what you must.

    Thanks for your time and interest. Hope to be in the internet and advertising business with you soon.

    Kelly Miller

  2. Nightwing says:

    While I was out and about I came across a CAR SHOW at Wing Nutz in West Valley City. It was by Ultimate Riders Car Club… and one of the sponsors of the event was DEVIANT TATTOO. The whole event was a great success. There were 30 or more cars there and lots of people.

    As I walked around the event I saw tattoo after tattoo… I believe most were done by DEVIANT TATTOO. The tattoos looked awesome. Now that is what I would say is supporting local artist. (Sponsoring Events). It shows everyone out there what their artist are capable of doing and the pride they take in their work. Way to Go… DEVIANT TATTOO. Keep up the Great work.

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