Establishing Friendships

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I have spent the past few weeks trying to establish a friendship with all of the Professional Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen working in Utah, I’ve had a great response from almost every one, Thank all of you very much for your interest and support. With your support this web site will become the most Informative inlet for Enthusiasts, and the Best competitive outlet for the Artists and Craftsmen that Utah can produce. This web site is unique to Utah Tattoo Artists, and the first of its kind anywhere. If you support this site, this site will support you.

Unfortunately for the naysayers and nudgegrudgers, but, SMARTTATTOO is an Equal Opportunity web site designed to help everyone enjoy the art of tattoo. Not just the already established Tattooers.

If you think your Art-work is ready for presentation to the Collectors, Enthusiasts and your Colleagues, we want you to Showcase your work and talent with us. We have many different ideas, venues and avenues that will help us get you and your work in front of those people that may be interested in purchasing works of your art.
This site is not only for the exposure for the Local Tattooers, it is a money making venture designed for tattoo artists and craftsmen everywhere, to make additional income from your already completed tattoo work.

This site is like no other. It not only a place to showcase and sell your other fine works of art to local Art Collectors, but a place to showcase your art to Collectors from around the world as well. We can help you market, and then ship your artwork, and guarantee your funds. Watch this site for more details, the details are coming soon.

Our motto “Support your local Tattoo Artists – Buy Professional – Buy local” is the main frame of our profession wide push to raise the overall standards of Professional Tattooing. By building this site We feel we are helping raise the profession wide standards, by helping the local tattooers that are the most serious about the Art of Tattooing have a dedicated avenue to showcase their work, and get exposure with-in the international world of Fine Tattoo Art.

We feel that Social interactive web sites (facebook, myspace , etc.) really do not give the Tattoo Profession a “Professional Appearance” for those that use those outlets to show case their art work.

We feel a dedicated Professional Tattoo web site will help promote the over all profession, and your personal work, in a much more Professional Environment and give eeeeasyyyy access to those collectors that are looking for a Professional Tattooer close to home, a much broader range of quality, style and experience of tattooer(s) to choose from.

And most importantly, giving exposure to the supporting Tattooers that might never have had access to those people passing by on the side walk or surfing the web, that do not already know your name.

Right now there is more than 210 Professional Tattooers listed as, Currently Doing Business in Utah. And 68 Professional Tattoo Studios listed at Utah Studios   We will continue to update this information as we can. If you are a Tattoo Artist or Craftsmen or studio Owner that is currently working in Utah, or has ever worked as a ProfessionalTattooer in Utah, please send us your information.

There is no better place to Showcase your Art. Get on Board, Get involved,
Help us improve our Profession and our local Camaraderie.

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