Coil Machines vs Rotary Machines

Rotary Machines are a wonderful device for tattooing, they work very well. Especially if you are a Veterinarian doing branding or other marking that does not depend on variations of shading or line depth.
Rotary machines also work well if you are trying to be a professional tattooer while you’re in prison.The low power motors that inmates use to make a tattoo machine are very small and run almost silent. This has helped the inmate/tattooer do slow-hand stipple shading really well. This type of tattooing results actually has a style name; Powder Shading- is attributed directly to the prison style tattoo results done with Rotary machines.

A professional quality rotary machine is not much better than a prison made machine except they are much more powerful and can run much faster than prison style rotaries do.That is not necessarily a good thing. Bigger and more powerful is not better, it is just the way the manufacturers make them.
But, Bigger more Powerful – means faster hand speed. And that only means more difficult to control the depth of the needle.

Rotary Machines, by their design, really are not as good at installing pigment into human skin as an electromagnetic tattoo Machine is.
Just the fact that they have to go full stroke in order to complete the rotary motion, means the machine can not respond to the tension of the skin the needles are working in.

This make the operator completely responsible for the depth the needles are pushed into the skin on every stroke of the machine, and each stroke of the operators hand.
This makes it difficult to get the pigment to the same depth each stroke, especially when having to move the hand holding the machine fast in order to keep from overdosing the skin with unwanted pigment.

Fast hand speed is the biggest reason small needle grouping are standard with rotary machine operators. And transparent shading is not often seen in tattoo.

More coming soon.

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