SM ART TATTOO.COM  was established in 1996 to promote the best Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen in the Salt Lake Area. We have since expanded to cover the entire State of Utah.

We are dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the Fine Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen that live and work in Utah. Through out this site you will see the Art, the Craft and the Scratchings of the finest Artists, Craftsmen, and local Amateurs that help make the local profession so explosive.

Visit us often, there are some very good Tattoo Artists and some very nice Studios in Utah, over time You will meet the Best Tattooers and see their Studios. Stroll through the Art Galleries a few times and you will come to recognize their work and see their portfolio grow.

Even though we are an equal opportunity environment (some people don’t like that), and the fact that we are dedicated to the promotion of all artistic talent regardless of actual experience (some people don’t like that either).
Our number one goal is to Promote High Quality Professionals, and introduce them to the Enthusiasts and Collectors that are looking for the best tattoo work Utah has to offer.

Our secondary goals are to inspire the next generation Tattooers and help the up and coming Artists and Craftsmen show the local Enthusiasts the art work they are doing, and create a venue to bring the Tattooers and the Collectors together that may never meet other wise, in a friendly and convenient way.

We will, for the first time in History, be creating a Registry of all known Tattooers that have ever worked in Utah. From as early as the 1900’s to the current time, We believe Utah Tattooers have had a greater contribution to the art of modern tattooing and the marking of USA Citizens then current History reveals.
We are compiling this Registry of Tattooers that are both currently working and those that have left Utah. If you are now, or have ever been a professional Tattooer, and lived in Utah, or you know of a professional Tattooer that lived and worked in Utah, not listed here, please forward that information to us so our information is as accurate as possible. To be included in this Registry, the Tattooer must have lived in Utah and worked as a Professional Tattooer.
You will also find a Registry of Tattoo Studios that have been, or are still in business and operating in Utah. If you have now, or have ever had a Licensed Tattoo Studio in Utah, or you know of a Tattoo Artist or Studio not listed here, please forward that information to us so our information is as accurate as possible.

We are also very interested in, and looking for information and photographs on the Tattoo scene through out Utah, through out time. If you know of any facts or events (even ancient facts) of the past concerning tattooing that you think would be of interest to Tattooers and Collectors, and that you are willing to share with every one, please contact us. Any era is good, as long as the information is correct (as you believe it).

We are primarily interested in Historical Stories and Artifacts of the last century (1900-1999), especially the 50 year war period between 1925 and 1975. If you have any information or artifacts that come from this era please contact us. We would like to put the pieces together that tell an accurate story covering the entire electromagnetic era of modern day tattooing.

Equally important to us. If you are a Utah Native and know of any historical facts concerning or covering the tattooing and tattoo related beliefs of the indigenous people of Utah, and you would be willing to share your information with us, we would be most pleased and give the utmost care and respect to the information you share with us, please contact us, we are looking for real history from real people.

We also intend to be the sounding board for Professionals in Utah. If you have any thing to say to the Profession or the Enthusiasts, you will be able to say it here. If you want to know what is happening in the Profession, both in and out of Utah, you will be able find out about it here.

If you have any Tattoo related news, such as Shop Openings, Shop Closings, Art Shows or other special events please let us know.
We help you promote any event Tattoo- Art, Tattoo Community related


One Response to About SMARTTATTOO.COM

  1. Kelly Miller says:

    As you can see, SMARTTATTOO.COM has been completely redesigned, with an entirely different format and goal in mind. Our primary goal is to introduce and promote the Professional Tattoo Artists and Craftsmen, currently working in Utah, to the Enthusiasts and Collectors surfing the Web.

    Read through this “List” and meet some of Tattooers and see the Studios that have been a part of the past, or the present. This unique contact information will help you see some of the work, of some of the finest and most respectable Professional Tattooers in Utah.

    Also, Look for our Art Reference Library. We are about to post some of the finest art available for the inspiration of large, and full body Tattoo work. This artistic reference is some of the best in the world. Hands down, our Reference Collection is the biggest library of Custom Tattoo Art reference in Utah, maybe the USA.

    By offering public access to this artistic reference, we are also hopeful that we can help the local tattooers raise the artistic standards of professional Tattooing in Utah, and help get the serious Enthusiasts in touch with the best Tattooer for the art work they really want to wear. Look close, be picky and you are sure to meet the right Tattooer.

    As we build this project, we’re starting off simple but will be upgrading the site continuously until we get everything the way we want it. In the end it will be much better than it is now but this is our current attempt at stimulating the local economy, not only for the Tattooers at Susie M’s, but for all high end Professionals working in Utah. Please support this effort to support the local profession, and use this site often.

    We are also offering the best web site advertisement ever offered to Utah Tattooers. Check out the advertisement options at Smarttattoo Advertisements, and help us, help you, stimulate the Local Market and promote the Profession.

    Support the local Market, Buy Professional, Buy local

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