General questions answered about jared Preslar push for tighter health controls

This post is forward from a comments found elsewhere, and is my response to a series of questions.

Hey Jim, Please tell me first, what is not sufficient with the current regs. and why they need to be changed.

Just because jared says we he is seeing an infection rate out of control does not mean it is so. He will need to prove his position in the health department meetings. Does he actually have that evidence? if so, Why have we not seen it before?

Improvements for no reason are not necessary improvements. According to the Constitution “The law” of the land cannot be more stringent than necessary. And cannot be made more stringent unless a just and obvious need is present. That is why a Impact Study must be done before any changes are actually made any way. All this crying is premature. Any way
My comments will be heard in the public meetings The Health Authority is required to hold. Jared won’t be able to hide from my comments there.

Improvements are not worthless, but sometime as in this case are not needed. The only improvement to the current regs I can see would be to require disposable tubes and tips, and health permit every tattooer like food service workers are.
But, having a regulation that would indorse my Plastic K Model Tubes, would go against what Jared is teaching Darrell and Christina, he says My professional quality (plastic-single use) Tattools are for Scratchers. He does not know what current professional quality tattools really are.
Jared talks out of both sides of his mouth and is a pathetic hypocrite.

I am trying to organize locally, so local professionals that have the best interest in the Profession are, in fact, in control of our local Profession. One person, like Jared Preslar cannot decide for the entire local profession, what our needs actually are. And he cannot be allowed to over run the locals, unchecked. All I am doing is checking his mud.

Because tattooing involves a free speech issue that does not apply to hair, massage, and many other personal services. It is a little more complicated than just that, but that is why the Board of Cosmetology does not want the responsibility of regulation the tattoo profession.

My 30 years experience should qualify for some credit. Until you see something I say or do that would discredit me, Believe me. Just ask more questions

Neither do I. I can articulate my entire tattoo profession philosophy with any intelligent person.The big problem with dealing with tattooers is. 95% of all professional tattooers cannot read very well or understand what they are reading. Tattooers are usually uneducated, unemployed, drop-outs when they get into the tattoo Profession, and it doesn’t get any better after that.
Ignorance and Disrespect is the most difficult thing I have to deal with getting my message out to the literate professionals that care. Finding tattooers that read and care, now that is a difficult circumstance to find.

Jared is trying to be the Leader of the people that cannot form a question, and is afraid of those that can.
Where I am trying to get the support of the intellectual Tattooers that can read and understand the danger of being over run by corporate greed. The real danger from Jared Preslar (and Cj Starkey, Flaco Productions) is the Gypsies they brings into the area.

Here is a question for every one. If health regulations are adopted to include a health permit for every professional tattooer working in Davis County, will Jared ask for a travelers exemption, that will give the green light to keep his gypsies working under the Table without a health permit or business license? That is my main point.
Understand that problem and you understand the entire problem.

After 20 con-ventions within 2 miles of one of my studios or my other. I can tell everyone with my absolute first hand experience, that Gypsies and Con-ventions generally ruin both the financial market the locals have worked hard to established. And the traveling Gypsies destroy the word of mouth advertising that normally follows the local market.


Support your local Tattoo Artist – Buy Professional – Buy local

Boycott all Tattoo Con-ventions and Job Fairs in Utah 2012

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