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The problem exists because at this time in history there are so many gypsy tattooers traveling around the country, working under the table at international Job-Fairs, that are being disguised as professional conventions and gatherings, that they are both uncountable and unaccountable.

We find the situation the Tattoo Profession and Local Markets are in, demands the attention of the local Enthusiasts and Clients because the Gypsies and Con-man-ventions (Job fairs) are destroying local markets, and they need to be stopped.
And we can’t stop the Gypsies or the Con-men without the help of our Clients and local Enthusiasts.

On the surface it doesn’t look like much problem.
But these gypsies are working under the table, over charging our local Clients, or not charging them at all. Ether extreme causes unbalanced markets, and destroys word of mouth advertising for the local tattooers.

There are two types of Conventions.
The proper Convention brings into an area experienced Tattooers and their Clients to show off their accomplishments of completed work to the local Enthusiasts and Collectors, and other Professional Colleagues.
This Event is approximately 80% local Tattooers and 20% traveling Tattooers working the floor.
This event puts more emphasis in generating interest in the completed work that is there to show off, and the local tattooers working the floor, rather than the emphasis on making money for the Traveling tattooers.
This type of event also generates more local interest in famous Tattooers. This event generates money for all participating Tattooers working the floor not just the gypsies. And stimulates public interest in good tattooing for the local area long after the Convention is gone.

This type of event does not harm the local market by taking revenue, and word of mouth advertising, out of the local area.

The Wrong type of event, that quickly turns into a Con-vention is when the opposite happens. When more than 20% traveling Tattooer are allowed to occupy the con-vention floor, local tattoo markets start losing revenue and Advertisement opportunities.
When traveling tattooers are the majority, the quality and size of tattooing declines, while the cost of those tattoos done at the event is quit often three times the local rate one would normally pay.
This drains the profit from the local area for the near future.
And destroys the word of mouth advertising that generally follows the local Client, the word of mouth advertising no longer exists.
Any word of mouth advertising that does exist, goes to the out of town tattooer, even they don’t really benefit much.
This loss of advertising the local professionals, greatly harms the local markets.

Right now, the Gypsies are traveling all around the country following the con-man-vention Circuit, this is destroying local tattooers reputations and advertising markets everywhere.

Traveling Tattooers really are destroying the local tattoo markets where (job fairs) – the wrong type of con-ventions, are held.

Right here in Utah, the Salt Lake City International Tattoo con-vention is a perfect example of the wrong type of convention. This con-vention is set up to benefit and support the traveling tattooer, it is a job fair for Gypsies.

The Salt Lake City International Tattoo Job Fair Does not support or represent the Local Tattoo Art Market.

Here are some things Our Clients and local Enthusiasts need to know;
There is very little actual benefit to being tattooed by the traveling Tattooers that travel the tattoo convention circuit.
Sure, you can get a nice single sitting design at a job fair-Convention, but most high quality tattooing requires that you go back to the Artist for the finishing touch. This doesn’t happen when the gypsy that did the work is gone.

Standard fees for a traveling gypsy working a con-vention are usually 2-3 times higher than local rates.
These exaggerated rates are bad enough, but when the gypsies are gone, the word of mouth advertisements goes with them.

This loss of word of mouth advertisements to local market is detrimental to the survival of local professional Tattooers, detrimental to the local markets, and detrimental to Professional tattooing every where.

At the best Professional Conventions, You can hear talk about skills and techniques and see the local talent preform and show their work. The out of town Traveling Tattooers come to show off their already completed works. The Competition is fierce but everyone benefits, no one loses.

Our professional Creed should be – “Mark everyone, Harm no one”.

Professional Conventions Do not highlight the skills of traveling gypsies as a reason for the event. To do so is as disrespectful to the local Tattoo Profession as a Promoter can be.

Respectful Traveling Tattooers do not disrespect local Tattoo Colleagues by supporting Con-man-ventions or Tattoo Hostels.

Until things change, the only thing we can do is to help the Profession, and support the Local Professionals the Best we can.

Boycott Con-man-ventions, Don’t support Tattoo Hostels.

Support the Art of Tattooing – Buy Local – Buy Professional

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