Is the APT changing your Tattoo Regulations?

Here they come, and they’re telling us they’re coming.

Mike Martin VP, from the “Alliance of Professional Tattooists” has published an official APT statement in the Nov, 2011 #114 issue of Pain Magazine.
First off, Unless Mr Martin is talking about those Tattooers working off their kitchen table, or their Convention Tables. Mr. Martin’s innuendo that Tattooing is a high risk environment, is an exaggeration, is misleading and harmful to the Profession of Tattooing.

If Professional Tattooing is High Risk, then how do you classify home style tattooing and the risk associated with traveling Gypsies? The Compliance of Health Department Regulations reduces the actual risk to Minor Level. That is why it is so important to comply with reasonable regulations. Compliance reduces the risk to a low risk/manageable level.

Professional Tattooing is low risk. Professional Piercing is high risk that is not related to professional tattooing in any way. For Mr. Martin to discuss professional tattooing as though it is high risk, is dangerous to the tattoo profession, and irresponsible as a Professional Tattoo Association Leader.
This is carless rhetoric.
If Education is APT’s main objective, they need to state the facts, not innuendos.

The regulations he mentions about professional Piercers now being required by the Missouri Health regulations, to be a Member of a Private Association aka- the APP, that was put on the regulations more than ten years ago, but is just now being enforced, is indeed, regulation trickery.

If public enforcement of the regulations have not been needed thus far, and have not been enforced until now, the regulations are most likely unconstitutional. And will be reexamined, you can bet your tattoo machine on it.

Mr Martin seems to imply, that because the Missouri Piercers overlooked the installation of those Regulations, those regulations are now deserved, and somehow, ten years after the fact, become valid.

This is a very good example of why the writing of GOOD public regulations do not include mandates from Private corporations and Private Associations like the APP or the APT.

I have witnessed this my self. The APT regulations are designed to take away your right(s) to self regulation. Mr Martin is absolutely right when he says if we don’t watch our local Health Dept. regulations a little closer, you can bet on the APT being involved in the regulation rewrite the next time your local regulations are updated.
With Mr Martin’s notice being given, We better watch our Professional Associations involvement in our local Health Departments.
I am referring to the statement published in Pain Magazine were Mr Martin says the APT is working with Missouri and several other States on writing regulations that are going to require that Professional Tattooers become Members of the Alliance of Professional Tattooing in order to stay recognized as a Professional.

Did you catch that. Mr. Martin said the APT is a good thing for most of us, but not all of us.

My words; Some of us are not “JOINERS” for a very good reason.

He said it is fine for us none “joiners”, not to be involved. But his real message is; If you don’t like what were are doing, to bad, because, if you don’t protect yourself and your Profession and if you don’t get involved and stop us from influencing your Health Dept., We (the APT) are going to take over the rewrite of those regulations and make you become a APT Member if you want to remain a Professional.

He said If you don’t like surprises, or political trickery, get involved. In other words if you don’t join us voluntarily, you’ll join us through our coercion of your local Health Dept. regulations.

I have pointed out this agenda of the APT many times. Several years ago when I had a Studio in Reno, and a Health permit in Washoe County , Nv. The APT had a Representative, that was not a local Tattooer, come to a Health Department meeting and try to influence the Washoe Co. HD to require our participation/membership in the APT Association, and to require local tattooers to abide by the APT Regulations.
It was good that we already had a good working relationship with our local Health Dept. Authorities at the Washoe Co. Health Department, It was also good that the Washoe Co. HD Authorities were smart enough to see through the APT smoke screen, and not listen to that APT Representative. They sent him packing after we reveled the APT’s real objectives.

I have pointed out this mounting problem to the Tattoo Profession several times. Unfortunately, the Editors of the trade magazines won’t publish this information. As a matter of fact, these Editors are actually enabling the leaders of The APT, and giving them the ability to over whelms the Tattoo Profession by not publishing contradictory opinions.

These Editors seem to be Traitors to the Tattoo Profession. Ask Pain Editor, R. Cantu why he won’t publish this (my) letter(s).
I have sent R. Cantu a copy of this letter. Pain Magazine Management knows what I am saying. They just won’t let me talk. Neither will Tattoo Magazine, International Tattoo Magazine, Prick Magazine, Skin and Ink. They are all afraid to publish counter opinions.

Here is what Professional Tattooers need to know.

The APT association, under this type of leadership, is a man made cancer in The Tattoo Profession. True to the profession Professionals should not support the APT organization as it is currently being managed.

They are not doing what you think, they are not trying to inspire the art of tattooing.
They are trying to Control the profession and Promote the Elite.
Their entire agenda seems to be to defeat the independent tattooer, using the Local and State Health Department regulations to do it.

This is a dangerous situation for the entire Tattoo Profession. If we allow our local Health Departments to be used as Pawns, and we (professionals) allow the local Health Departments to adopt regulations that will allow a Private Association (the APT) the right to regulate the public activity of tattooing and free speech, we are in for a serious change in how professional tattooing is regulated. The cost to be a professional will greatly increase.

This is not the best or most right method of getting rid of the competition. There are other, more effective methods. It starts with better Association Leadership.

If we allow the APT to instigate the rewrite of our local regulations, a serious uptick in underground Tattooers and underground studios will continue to take place. We already have a serious up tick in traveling Gypsy following the Con-man-vention circuit. See read Tattoo Hostels and see for your self the details that are starting to come out.

This “Controlling Disease” has been growing in the APT for several years. If we (Professionals) allow for these enhanced regulations to be implemented locally, as suggested by the Leaders of APT, the Tattoo Profession is in risk to suffer irreparable harm.

Limiting the competition through the Health Department Regulations is very unprofessional.
This type of rhetoric from the Leaders of the APT is no different from, and is actually the same as one Studio owner calling the local Health Department on the Shop down the street in an attempt to regulate them out of business.
This is very dangerous. Some areas/cities will regress back to a time where public/professional tattooing will be banned. Not just banned to the industrial area of town, but banned entirely from city limits.

The manipulations of local H-Departments by the APTis absolutely unprofessional behavior by a a poorly managed Professional Association. The entire Tattoo Profession needs to take this leadership of the APT seriously. If the APT regulations are adopted anywhere in the USA, we will all suffer serious repercussions.

If you are a Professional, Stand up for self regulation of the Tattoo Profession. PROFESSIONAL TATTOOING IS NOT DANGEROUS. We do not need more regulations than is in place currently.

We do not need an APT Nanny.

If you are a Professional, talk to your Local Health Department Agent and help them understand the difference between the Real and the imagined risks of the Tattoo Profession.

Do not support this attempt by the Leadership of the Alliance of Professional Tattoo Association, at regulating Your (professional) Future.
APT does not need to be involved in the actual operation of, or writing of reasonable regulations.

This is a serious situation for the Tattoo Profession. We need to get together and discuss these types of facts and details. The real Truth needs to be told and commonsense needs to be understood by the Leaders of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, and the rest of the Profession.

If there is any real value of the APT sponsoring a Convention, It would be to address the Problems plaguing the Profession. A Sit Down Round Table Discussion would do the Tattoo Profession tremendous good.
If you are a Member of the APT, or a NTA Member tell your Association Representative the Profession wants a round table discussion, open to all professionals, to address these profession wide Problems.

Here is the opportunity to help the Tattoo Profession both the the APT and the NTA has been looking for.

Provide the Education without the Domination.

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