Conventions- good conditions vs bad

One of the most important aspects of a well run convention is wether or not the convention is set up to promote the art of TATTOOING, or wether it was set up to promote the ART of tattooing

If the event is geared for the promotion of the tattooers that are tattooing at the convention, the convention is not for the promotion of the art, it is a job Fair for gypsies.
It is a job fair that promotes the art of money making. ( being able to work on 6-8 hr tattoos and make 3 times their normal fee is pure corporate greed)
This type of event harms, not only the local market, but the entire profession. But in different ways.

If the event promotes already completed tattoo work and the Artist that did it, then the event promotes the ART of tattooing and all the ARTISTS will benefit as much as the event organizer will, with out harming the local tattooers or their market.
The local Tattooers are not harmed when local events promote already completed work, rather than the tattooing skills of traveling gypsies.

When a Convention comes to your area and promotes the Local Artists and THEIR work. And only -Allows- out the area Tattooers to SHOW their work, rather than come in and take over the local clients, the entire Profession will grow.

But the way it currently is, only the Con-man-vention Organizers and the Gypsies that support those events, benefit. And they are setting low standards that are going to have a very negative effect on Professional Tattooing for a long time if things don’t change soon.

When the traveling Tattooers are promoted, only the Gypsies work. And the art becomes simple, unimpressive and the promotes beginners.

This opens the door to the unethical Con-vention organizers and the traveling Gypsies to be able to work under the table through organizing and supporting these events.

When the ART is promoted and protected, everyone works, everyone wins. Even the gypsies can work when it is fair, and the pursuit of money is not the driving force.

When the gypsies and Con-men control the profession we all lose. When artist control the Profession the Artists and Craftsmen win.

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