Letter to; Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb,

Dear Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb,
You Guys are getting more arrangant every Con-vention.

I recently read a blog from Big Gus, http://tattooartistmagazineblog.com/2011/10/11/big-gus-off-the-map-at-the-paradise-tattoo-gathering-tattoo-artist-magazine-blog/#more-6433
he was proud to have been invited to attend a seminar at Paradise Tattoo Gathering.

Gus said “I headed down to do the opening discussion panel with some great guys, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb. It was based on ‘What It Takes’ to be an artist at our level. Hmmm… Our level? I just love to draw all the time! But the panel turned out great.”

My words; I don’t want to be the party pooper, but I am already Hated Worldwide (ask Henky Panky about that), but I am tired of the “Best Tattooers in the World” being so arrogant and out right disrespectful to the other Professional Colleagues.

I am going to set You Guys straight right here and now.
You guys are not the best at anything you are doing, good, but not the best. Look at your work, some of it is over black or over deatailed and incomplete.
There are plenty of other Tattoo Artists out there doing just as good, sometimes better work than you, they just don’t brag so much, and they stay home working on their local Clients rather than going town to town working at Gypsy Rates on poor people that can’t afford to come to you. For you guys to start a piece to big to finish, and then walk away bragging about it, is not only totally disrepectfull to your Client, but also to Professional Standards.

Let me tell you what you gypsies are really doing. You are setting a very poor example for the want-a-bee tattooers, you make it very easy for the scratchers, street shop tattooers and other Gypsies to follow your talent and skills by going from place to place doing 6-8 hour portraits and 20 hour chest pieces.
20 hours on a Chest piece is a good start, but not a good finish. If you can start and finish a chest piece in twenty hours, your artistic stands need to be raised. A 20 hour chest piece that is done on a guy that lives 3000 miles away from the tattooers shop is despicable, and should not be done on such a casual basis. Know your limits and what is good for everyone, not just yourself.

This type of example of your work skills is not a good example of high end skills of the highly skilled Tattooers. It is an example of mid level skills of good tattooers, designed to impress the lower skilled craftsmen. More and more (gypsy) Tattooers like your self, are able to do 20 hour tattoos. The standards of a well done tattoo is not very high, and dropping more every year.

You guys are the Leaders of low skilled tattooers, scratchers and traveling Gypsies. Thanks to you guys, nowadays, everyone setting at the kitchen table can do a good 6-8 hour portrait Tattoo. You have taught them well.
Now go home and do some truly impressive tattooing, then support a convention by showing your already completed work, not you tattooing skills. We already know you’re good.

The challenge I am making you Guys, is to see if you can stay home, or, in one place long enough to do a large Tattoo, working on it until it is actually finished to your -real- skill level. Then bring the piece to the Best Convention designed to promote tattoos, (not tattooing), and show off your already completed piece.

Support Professional Tattooing – Buy Professional – Buy Local

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Tattooer - 30 years
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5 Responses to Letter to; Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gougé, Shawn Barber, Chris Dingwell and Durb,

  1. Samuel Jones says:

    I disagree, Bob, Shawn, and Jeff, I have met personally, and none seemed arrogant at all, they were VERY friendly, and forthcoming, and truly are ASSETS to our industry, they do tattoo in thier home locations, and travel to conventions to tattoo people that can’t get to them but want tattooed by them. I understand where you are coming from Kelly, I’ve known you many years, but the tattoo industry has changed immensely, the bar has been raised, and now tattooers are learning what it used to take 10 years to learn…….. in 2. GOOD tattooing, is good tattooing, no matter how it represents itself, and personal preference is always going to be the nay-sayer. Artists are arrogant, and egotistical by nature, and believe that thier way is the best, thier style is the best……. it’s all personal preference. your clients want your style, your work. and Tyrell’s, or Gogue’s want thiers….simple as that.

    • Kelly Miller says:

      Read the Blogs Sam, that are telling you about the Gypsies and the damage being done. It has nothing to do with my personal preference or even their arrogance, or the talent or ability of who does the traveling. It has to do with the Greedy Con-vention organizers and the gypsies doing the damage. These gypsies think they have the right to go into someone else’s market and work under the table and skim the crop of the working local Professionals. This is what makes them a gypsy.
      A twenty hour chest tattoo is only a start, not even close to a good finish. Do you really think Big Gus has the intention of finishing the poor dudes piece without charging the guy more than he would if he finished it in his shop? This guy is going to lose his shirt. The con-men bring in hundreds of Tattooers that cannot make the money they want at home, so the travel the Job Fair circuit and work out of Tattoo Hostels that are popping up all over thew country. It is the con-vention circuit and gypsies that are ruining local markets where these event are held.

      And it is only going to get worse Sam, the more you defend the unscrupulous. Read Durb’s response if you want to get an understanding of the peoples inteligence we are having to deal with. Durbs blather is a perfict example of the comments I have been getting for a long time. But things are changing Sam, the ball is just starting to roll. Durb already feels the heat.

      I have realized Sam that you can lead common Tattooers to the fountain of wisdom and Intelligence, But you can’t make a stupid one think.

      True to the Profession have had enough, you’re right times have changed. Now we have to deal with the amateur scratchers, we have to deal with professional Gypsies doing the same thing.

  2. Durb says:

    Kelly, you are definitely a turd in the tattoo punchbowl. We are not arrogant, just like you are not literate! I have met the best people, or “gypsies” as you call them, from traveling to conventions. Your blog and site are a weak attempt to be heard for all of the wrong reasons, the problem is, no one listens to spiteful old men who never truly made their mark.

  3. Durb says:

    Kelly, why don’t you post replies to your awesome blogs? You seem to be the biggest hater in the game that can’t post replies from those whom you write about. You’re a chump and a Con yourself. By the way, I loved your judge Judy video, it’s priceless!

    • Kelly Miller says:

      Well Durb, I am just now learning how to respond to my blog comments, sorry it has taken this long, but I’m here now.
      Unfortunately for you, I can learn new things every once in a while. While your stupid comments show everyone how stupid you remain, even when you’ve been shown the wisdom of experience.
      As I told Sam. I have found through my personal experience talking with people like yourself that I can lead common Tattooers (like yourself) to the fountain of wisdom and Intelligence (experience), But I can’t make a stupid one think. I have had more than 25 con-ventions within 2 miles of my Studios. I know what happens the the local market. Why won’t you listen?
      Call me what you like Dweb, but I don’t hated anyone, not even you. But I do hate what you are doing to the tattoo profession with your over promotion of Gypsies at your Con-man-vention and Job Fair.

      Sure your event shows some nice work on some great Enthusiasts, by some very good Tattooers. Traveling tattooers are not the problem, but the standards that are being set by the Traveling Gypsies and the con-ventions that support them are destroying the local markets and the local advertising that normally goes to the local tattooers.

      There is no difference between the old school scratchers, and the new skool Gypsies.

      Sorry Durb, but You are the Chump my fucked up friend, and soon to be seen that way by many other people. Anyone that loves what the Judge Judy Show portrayed on me and my Family has no more Moral or Ethical values than judy has. She is a lier and a cheat, much like the personal traits you are exposing of your self. You are a greedy piece of egotistical shit that does not deserve the talent you have. You are a new skooler that thinks you invented something, but you are wrong. What have you really brought to the Tattoo Profession but gypsies? Sure there are a lot of good things happen because of the intermingling of talented people at conventions. The ART would not get better without it. But what good have you done?

      And that is my point exactly. Your event is set to benefit the Gypsies on the road, not the Art they do at home. Read my blog on the 3 styles of Conventions and see where your event fits in. Change your business tactics and you could have a great show that really does benefit the Profession, not just you and your Gypsies Brothers and Sisters.

      Did you even read the Blog Big Gus wrote? Did you read my blog comments, or just the wall post before you formed your opinion?
      Answer the questions about the Harm being done to the tattoo Profession by the Gypsies and Con-ventions, and you might get some recognition as an intellect.

      Let us see your rational thoughts. Answer these 2 questions. If Professional Gypsies are to the Profession, what Scratchers are to the local Markets.
      How are you going to justify bringing into the area 100 or more out of town gypsies that are going to work under the table and take out of the local area more than $400,000 Dollars in one week end?
      And, What GOOD does your event contribute to the local Tattooers in the area where your event is held?

      If You answer those questions in Public I’ll probably have a hart attack. But my bet is, you’ll crawl under your rock, cut me off your Friends list, not answer the questions and continue fucking over the Profession where your con-man-vention and Job Fair is held. Go Durb.

      One day you may be in the profession long enough to be the spiteful old man, but right now you are a disrespectful young punk. Unless you change you business ethics, No matter what you do, you will not have contributed to the tattoo Profession as much as you think you are.
      FYI Durb; I am not spiteful in the way you think, and I have made plenty of marks that I am proud of. 15 years before you started. I know where my talent lays. What you are mistaken as spite, is actually discust. If you ever gain the experience I have been able to get, you too will be willing to help the next generation gain knowledge, inspite of the young punks that think they are better than everyone else.

      As far as the Marks you’re making, What style do you think you own? Common Traditional, New skool, Old school? Your work looks the same as it did in 1995, sure new design, but same style.

      I am not responding to your next blurb, Durb, because I answered you concerns here.

      As far as not being able to make my mark. How about you and I have a tattoo race, side by side same design different people. We could have the audience chose A 6 hour design. We could then Custom free hand draw the design on the spot, and do the tattoo in front of those same people. They could choose the better one. Anytime you think your marks are better than mine, lets race.

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