Tattoo Hostels and the Damage being done

I just talked with a good friend of mine who knows, and had recently talked with one of the leading Gypsy in the SLC area. Let me introduce you to a few of the local Gypsies,

They are; Strap, Jock, Pud and Mofo.

Now don’t get me wrong, these Gypsies are not scratchers like the old school scratchers are. These people are the modern day Scratchers, these dudes are highly skilled, very accomplished Tattooers. They are not run of the mill street shop tattooers. (And they did not buy their Tattools from me).
They appear to be Professional in many ways, but their Business Ethics is way out of balance and they work by the creed of Gypsies. They take advantage of everyone that come their way. Their names have been changed to minimize the publicity they may get from this blog.

Mofo, is a transplanted gypsy, I don’t know where he is from but he is not from Utah, he is only in SLC for a short time, works cheap under the table at the iconic Hostel. Mofo needs to make some traveling money before he moves on to another Tattoo Hostel in the City where the next Con-man-vention is being help.

Pud, is a transplanted local dude who has no respect for any one that I know of. He berates every one in the area trying to make himself feel better. You know this guy, he’s an eccentric foreign made asshole that doesn’t want to help anyone, but wanted to be helped when he got it. He apprenticed at the prime local studio at the time but won’t admit it. He cares about nothing long term, he cares nothing about the harm his business ethics are causing the local market. His only interest, out side his own work, is helping his Gypsy brothers get to the next Con-man-vention.

Jock, is the quiet Guy, at least that is how I know him so far. But he is still a traveling gypsy that is supporting and participating in the con-man-vention and Gypsy circuit. He has no problem working real cheap while at home, and charging inflated prices when he’s working out of town skimming the cream from the local market wherever the con-man-ventions are held. Even though he is quiet, He lives by the creed of the Gypsies.

Strap, is the Guy that is holding everything together and thinks he is solid as a rock. He owns the joint, and the Business license for the Tattoo Hostel is in his name. He won’t tell us if anyone that works in his Hostel is licensed or even holds a Health Permit.
Strap, doesn’t want his Hostel, or the people that work there to listed in any Historical Registry, and actually demands to be anonymous, which, to his dismay is impossible. Being a Professional and being Anonymous, is much like Temporary and Tattoo. They’re are both oxymoron. Professional and Anonymous can’t happen both at the same time. The demand to remain Anonymous is a very good indication that these people are not Professionals in the true sense.
They are professional scratchers that do not want to be recognized in Public. In other words Gypsies that have very little respect for the rest of the Tattoo Profession.

The image is quickly forming, that Strap, and other Tattoo Hostel operators, are forming a tight net CLICK , much like other underground transportation railroads of the past. The Hostel Operators are in contact with other Tattoo Hostel Operators and Con-vention Organizers, they work together making the arraignments for the other travailing Mofo’s of the tattoo profession to get another place (hostel) to work under the table while they wait for the next Con-man-vention.

Not like at the Con-man-ventions, these Gypsies work cheap while at the Hostel. Even though these dudes can do nice work, and they know how to charge 2-3 times the local rate at the Con-man-ventions, they are happy to cut the local Tattooers throats, and do cheap single setting designs while at the hostel. This lowers the local professional standards to those of beginners and scratchers and helps keep the profession wages in perpetual state of recession.

And that is how they lower the standards everywhere. This has been going on for many years, we are just now putting all of the pieces together that forms the Picture of the State the Tattoo Profession is in. This needs to be stopped.

These Hostel operators and Con -Vention organizers have created an unfair business environment that effecting the entire Tattoo Profession, Not just here in the USA, but all around the world.

These guys say some stupid stuff, so I don’t know if they realize what they are doing or what the harm actually is that they are contributing too. But I must assume they do know and understand because they described to my friend too much detail of their operation for them not to understand what they are doing to the local tattoo communities where they live, and the communities where they go to pillage. These dudes are smart enough to know what they are doing.

My BIG question for the rest of the Tattoo Profession is. Are we smart enough to know how to shut these Gypsies down?

We have been in a perpetuate recession/depression for more than 8 years. It is time to do something about it. The only answer there is, is to Boycott these tattoo con-man-ventions. All of them for a couple of years.
Only support those Conventions that are not sponsored by for profit Corporations.

Only support Events that are Sponsored by NOT FOR PROFIT Professional sponsored Conventions. And only thoughs that have more than 80% local Tattoo Artists on the floor.

If you are an Tattoo Enthusiast thinking of getting a new tattoo, Please do not support any Tattoo Studio or Con-ventions that host or otherwise supports these traveling Gypsies. These traveling Gypsies and Con-man-ventions are killing the Tattoo Profession.

Support the Art of Tattooing – Buy Professional – Buy Local
Know your Tattooer

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