What’s your Faith
Pass this Test and you could Christian.
Book Of Kelly; 9-16-11
Copyright 2011 Kelly Miller all rights reserved

When I walk with Him, My skin, will be as pure as His.

The Book of Revelations 19:11-16 tells us that Jesus was a marked man. It happened at the Last Supper. I wasn’t actually there but I know what happened, because I believe the dudes that were there. As the meal was being prepared, Jesus, Mary and the 12 Disciples where contemplating what was about to happen to Jesus when the Romans took Him to the Cross. Every one knew there would be kayos and turmoil and that bodies would be mutilated and desecrated beyond recognition.

While this discussion was going on Mary Mixed a solution of charcoal and red wine to the consistence of Blood. Being that Mary was a woman of the modern times and very street wise, with the anticipation of this event, earlier in the day Mary had gone to a nearby river bank and collected a few canes of Bamboo and a pot of water. She knew that splintered bamboo made the best sewing needles of the time and would make a good needle to sew Jehovah’s name onto the robe he would wear to his crucifixion. As the discussion progressed and the meal prepared, Jehovah’s robe was washed and his name sewn into the boarder.

The meal was wonderful and everyone was pleased with the plans as they were agreed on to recover the body of Jesus body when the Crucifixion ritual was over. As the meal was served, they rejoiced, and the camaraderie was celebrated. As the meal progressed, and the table was cleared, wine began flowing and every one relaxed and continued to celebrate.

After the table was cleared and a new cloth and pillow was put in place, Jesus laid down and exposed his upper thigh. The Tattools and pigment Mary had gathered and mixed earlier were brought to the table. His skin was cleaned with white wine and clean water.

The Bamboo was blessed before being splintered into a shard more than a foot long. A sheath of Fine Purple Silk was tightly wrapped around the length of the needle, then wrapped seven times with seven layers with pure white silk thread, one half stone, from the sharp end of the Tattool needle. The Silk thread let the pigment flow evenly to the sharp end of the needle, and until His name was completely written, on his upper thigh, meaning King of Kings – Lord of Lords.

To recognize His body after the carnage, the name on his thigh, and their word, was the guarantee by all but one of his Brothers and of Mary, that It was true,
the – Body of Jesus – was placed into the Tomb of the Resurrection.

Three days later when Christ rose and walked the earth the Second time,
Christianity was Born.

To Witness this mark, validates the Art of Tattoo.

And through the Faith of the Tattoo we all walk the walk of the
King of Kings – Lord of Lords

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  1. Edward Childers says:

    I have the mark of Jesus on my knee in the form of a skull with a crown of thorns. Its the Tattoo of Christ died for my sins and I’m very proud of my Best Tattoo and I get complaments on it all the Time.

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