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    We are Utah's premier Tattoo Web Site, Hoisted by the Staff of one of the finest Studios in Salt Lake City. Susie M’s gallery of Fine Tattooing is proud to have supported the Profession and served Salt Lake City area Enthusiasts and Collectors for the past 21 years. With your support we will continue to be here for a long time to come.

    For the past year the Staff at Susie M’s gallery of Fine Tattooing have been working to establish
friendships with all Utah Professional Tattooers on the SM ART TATTOO.COM Historical List, and all of the Enthusiasts we can meet. Our goal is help connect those Professionals to the serious Enthusiasts and Collectors all across the State, and help those Collectors and Enthusiasts coming to Utah, meet the Professional Tattooers before they get here. During the past year SM ART TATTOO.COM has been heavily promoting the professional tattooer in Utah, to the rest of the world, and has had approximately 30,000 (30 thousand) hits since we changed the format to include all Professional Tattooers in Utah.

    But unfortunately we have not been able to establish enough support by enough good local
Tattooers to make this project worth anymore investment of Staff resources, so we have decided to upgrade our goals. SM ART TATTOO.COM will continue offering a connection to all those Professional Artists on the list, but we now require that those artists that want to be linked to SM ART TATTOO.COM to be able to show that they are legitimate Professionals that have similar professional standards to our own.

    After learning some unsavory things about many Utah Professionals. And Due to the lack of
professional support from legitimate tattooers and the overwhelming criticism form illegitimate tattooers, we are changing our goals from giving everyone a chance to be seen at SM ART TATTOO.COM, to promoting only those Tattoo Artists that stand up for the Profession and allow them selves to be Counted.

    We will not promote illegitimate tattooers no matter how good they are or which shop they are
working in. When visiting the Historical Page keep in mind that not all Tattooers listed here are in fact legitimate Professionals Buyer beware.

    We have discovered that there are so many illegitimate tattooers acting as though they are
legitimate professionals that SM ART TATTOO.COM has decided to support only those Tattooers that can show they are legitimate Professional Tattooers.

    Because of the high number of unbelievable egos and illegitimate tattooers I don’t know if we
will ever get enough professional support for this project to actually succeed, but we will keep it going as long as we can. Promoting the local market is the only thing SM ART TATTOO.COM can do to support the Local Profession while trying to help the serious Enthusiasts and Collectors understand the Tattoo Profession. We are doing everything we can to direct serious collectors to real Professionals that actually look out for their Clients and the Professions well being.

    We feel that educating the Enthusiasts will help them choose the High quality local Professionals
rather than choosing to patronize the non professional tattooers for their first, or next tattoo.
We intend to keep the Historical List of Tattooers and Studios as current as we can. If you are, or
know of a professional tattooer who wants to be part of history, please send us your/their information and help us keep the Professional listings as current as possible.

    If you are a Professional Tattooer, and your name and business information appears on the
Historical List, and you would like to have your Information highlighted, and establish a FREE link to
your web site or social media page etc., talk to us. We will verify you are a Professional with the right professional standards, and then indorse your existence with a link to your site.

    There is nothing sinister about the invitation to become listed in the Historical List, or our
request that you support SM ART TATTOO.COM. Our only intention is to help you and the other Professional Tattooers in Utah have a place and a means to actually work together to promote Professional Tattooing in Utah. Nothing else.

    We are getting close to generating 100 hits per day on SM ART TATTOO.COM. Many of those hits are looking at your name on the Historical List. Take advantage of this opportunity and the Tattoo Profession will improve. Not because of us, but because of you.

    If you support this effort to promote Utah Tattooers in a none biased manner, every serious
professional will benefit. And the Enthusiasts will have a better and more complete choice of Professionals to chose from.

    Supporting SM ART TATTOO.COM for one year will increase your visibility to local enthusiasts
more than 10 times the number people that see your Name and Portfolio at the Salt Lake Tattoo Convention. All you have to do is sign up for the link, and your potential Clients will be able to see your work, just like they do at a convention, but anytime they want to.

    With a link to your site you will be able to direct these potential Clients to your web site. Your
options on attracting potential Clientele is limited only to your imagination. After linking to your site we will promote you and your Studio like we are promoting ourselves.

    Your Support will stimulate the local business, where ever you are. If you are a professional
Tattooer trying to support yourself and your family through your tattoo business, If you have an bad attitude about the tattoo profession or SM ART TATTOO.COM, Please let it go and help yourself, help us, help the profession grow to become a prosperous and friendly profession once again.

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